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Thank you, great recipe!!! I selected to make 10 tortillas because I had a 10-oz package of frozen spinach. Followed recipe as written (for 10) but only used 1/4 c. of canola oil instead of the 1/3 c. of olive oil that is recommended for 10 tortillas. I thawed my spinach in the microwave without adding water, but I didn't cook it (that was by accident, but I would skip cooking it next time too). I poured the excess water off, and my dough was not too wet/dry. I mixed using my dough hook until it was a ball, then divided and rolled without further kneading. I read elsewhere that it is easier to roll thin tortillas if you roll each ball as far as it is easy to roll and then wait, so I rolled each tortilla twice and stacked them with waxed paper in between - this was pretty easy to get thin tortillas although mine were not 9-10" diameter, they were around 8" diameter but they started to get holes when I tried to go thinner. Cooked in a dry non-stick on high and they were delicious and pretty with brown spots but still nice and soft/flexible. I flipped each tortilla as soon as it had puffy areas and brown spots on the bottom and cooked the second side for even less time - it seemed like only around 20 seconds per side. Great way to eat more spinach! I tried this recipe because it had more spinach to flour than others I saw -- loved it!!

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GreenTreesVeg June 19, 2015
Spinach Flour Tortillas