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I will definitely make this again. The breading came out crunchy and the chicken was moist. I used basil & tomato flavored feta which worked perfectly. Baked it on parchment paper which saved me the clean-up.

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manrat August 23, 2010

Thank you so much for this recipe! I am new to cooking and this seemed easy enough for me to make. Not only was it simple, it was delicious. I made rice pilaf on the side and it is now one of my favorite meals. The chicken came out so tender and juicy. The spinach and feta mixture was very tasty. I used smart balance instead of butter, and only 1/4 cup. It was still excellent! I highly recommend this recipe!

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Marybin January 30, 2011

Loved this! 10 stars, actually. Made it tonight and everyone got a second helping. I've been searching RZ for several years, and this is the FIRST recipe I felt strong enough to rate (so I joined...tonight!) I did add slivered almonds to the top. I also used frozen spinach, so when cooking, I just let the mixture cook a bit longer so that all the water would evaporate. This is going in the front of my cookbook. Very happy, and full.

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aggiesgirl May 17, 2010

Now I know how this has all 5-star reviews. This was beyond fantastic! I always has trouble trying to flatten and stuff the breasts. This time, I didn't try to stuff. I just pounded one until thin and cut in half. I breaded both pieces on one side. One side went breaded side down. I was able to pile on the spinach & feta, and then covered with the other breaded piece! I also used fresh spinach, because I avoid the frozen stuff as much as possible! Didn't take any longer to cook. This dish will be on rotation in my menues. Thnx so much for posting, Sarah! Made for ZWT5 for RRR.

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Darkhunter June 10, 2009

5 outta 5 without hesitation! Everyone loved it! So here is what I did different...I added a small yellow onion while sauteeing the spinach and garlic. I only had a 3/4 cup of feta. It was plenty rich enough. I didn't feel like rolling the plump little things in bread crumbs so I sprinkled my panko over them then drizzled with butter. Also, I had pretty large chicken breasts so as my usual I baked a bit longer, about 15-20min longer. They were absolutely delish! Going to try them wrapped in bacon next time for a new flavor but they were perfect as is.

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kimmifier January 28, 2011

Not much to add to these other great reviews - except for yet another WOW. The recipe seems so simple, but the flavor was amazing. I chopped up some fresh garlic for the (frozen) spinach, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly - and it was awesome! I had never pounded chicken breasts flat before, but it was easy! (i just put them between two sheets of wax paper and it worked great. I only made two chicken breasts (and so halved the recipe) and cooked for 28 mins - they came out perfect and delicious, thanks!!

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Michaelk69 August 08, 2009

This was so good, and I like how it is so easy to make but it looks like it was a lot of work. I used a lot of filling in mine, so I figured out that it is easier if you coat the one side of the chicken with the breadcrumbs before putting the filling in the chicken. I tried it as directed in the recipe and it was hard to do it without the spinach mixture falling out. Some other things I liked about this recipe: The spinach mixture is delicious and I liked eating the leftovers while waiting for the chicken to cook. Also, the butter that will be left in the pan after cooking is delicious. I put it in a bowl and dipped some french bread into it. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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AmandaMcG April 26, 2009

LOVED this recipe so much I had to come back and post my first review on this site!!!!! I probably didn't pound my chicken breast enough so mine weren't as pretty as the picture. I actually seasoned my chicken breast because it didn't want the dish to be bland. I used a bag of fresh baby spinach (frozen spinach is too wet and messy) and fresh garlic chopped fine. I had Italian garlic bread crumbs leftover from chicken parmesan which also worked great for this dish. I placed the extra spinach and feta mixer in the middle of my baking dish and we scooped extra on our plates as we ate. Can't wait to do it again... maybe using talapia!

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ennovahc October 05, 2012

Absolutely amazing! I used chard instead of spinach, and added mushrooms and a splash of white wine into the bottom of the pan. It cooked quickly, crisply, and was so delicious and pretty quick, for something that fancy. Served with steamed broccoli, sauteed zucchini (#39488
), brown rice and sweet potatoe chili fries. Oh yum.

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Soldier Girl April 25, 2012

I LOVE quick and easy recipes that make me look like a KITCHEN GODDESS!!! These little stuffed chicken breasts are full of flavor and truly do give the impression that intense labor took place in the kitchen. But it was so-soooo simple! I just can't get over it. I pounded out my chicken with a rolling pin between two sheets of wax paper, used fresh spinach from my garden and sauteed with fresh minced garlic and olive oil (I went with about double the amount of garlic as we love it around here). I also used Panko bread crumbs as it is what I had on hand. The feta and spinach rolled up easily into the flattened chicken breast and the breadcrumbs browned nicely creating a wonderfully elegant main course. Made for ZWT5 Family Picks. This one gets a prime spot in my permanent recipe file! Thank you.

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FolkDiva June 14, 2009
Spinach & Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast (Quick & Easy)