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Delicious: I love spinach and feta and all the other ingredients in this so this recipe was very much my sort of recipe! The only changes I made were to add a handful of baby spinach leaves to the frozen/thawed spinach (for me, there can never be too much spinach in a recipe!), and I used 3 teapoons of garlic ( as for me there can never be too much garlic either!) and the rice crust from my Leek and Spinach Tart With Rice Crust. Rather than jarred mushrooms, I used fresh sliced mushrooms which I added to the pan in step 2, as I wanted to be sure that they'd released their moisture. I used fresh as I trust them more than some of the canned and bottled mushrooms around. With mushrooms in the recipe, I also just had to add some thyme. My feta had no herbs in it so I added fresh basil. I added the mushrooms, onion and garlic in step 3. Totally yummy quiche, both warm and at room temperature. Thank you for sharing this recipe, Kizzikate. Made for 1-2-3 Hit Wonders.

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bluemoon downunder April 20, 2009

I loved this Quiche. The feta with dried basil and tomato made this dish IMHO. Went together quick. I think you could decrease the butter a lot and still have a nice quiche. Except for the homemade crust, made as directed. thanks for sharing.

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~Nimz~ June 28, 2007

This is a good quiche. My husband who usually is a meat eater loved it which speaks a lot! I used a table spoon of olive oil instead of 1/2 cup of butter and it turned out well. The quiche is not too "eggy" and full of spinach. It might be on the cheesy side with the cheese topping though. I used the Quick and Easy dough recipe which was perfect for this quiche.

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Akeleie January 14, 2009

This is the best quiche ever! It's so easy to make, and the feta cheese really makes this rock. I use plain feta instead of the dried basil and tomato because that's what I can get at my local store. Having this quiche for breakfast really starts the day out right!

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Debbie P. January 04, 2015

I absolutely Love spanakopita, so thought I would give this a try. Used slightly less butter and fresh spinach that I cut and microwaved to get soft. Pored into pillsbury red box crust in standard pie plate and cooked for 15, added a little cheddar to top then 35 more. Looks awesome! Will post picture on a minute, Thanks for the recipe!!

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ker68 January 20, 2014

Fabulous!! It reminded me of a feta pie I had while visiting Sweden last fall. It was quick to put together and very elegant looking when I served it. <br/><br/>I served this w/a salad and it was a perfect meal!<br/><br/>I used 3 cloves of garlic, minced but that is the only change I made. <br/><br/>Thanks for this recipe!!

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Lynn in CO March 21, 2013

I used sharp white cheddar cheese (instead of pre-shredded) and it baked up golden brown, just beautiful. I hope to make it again for family New Year's morning:-)

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mickisuzanne December 27, 2012

This dish was such a breakfast treat for us, and everyone complimented me on it. I will make this again. It's sooooo good! Made for Gimme 5 Stars Tag Game 5/09 Linda

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Linda's Busy Kitchen May 22, 2009

Very good. I cut the butter in half, and probably could have cut it in half again. This makes a lot of filling-too much for a frozen pie ahell.Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ May 27, 2007

As a rule, I never try out a new recipe on company, so it was with some apprehension that I decided to use this recipe for the first time when asked to bring something for a brunch for about 20 to 25 people. I admit that I played with it a bit, trusting my usually-reliable palate, but not actually tasting it -- another "no- no" for me. As others have apparently done, I chose to use fresh spinach and mushrooms, chopping both, and added about half a sweet red pepper, also chopped. If I were making this for myself, I would likely have added Kalamata olive pieces, but not everyone loves olives as I do. CAVEAT: Make sure that you "lightly" saute the next year, as the recipe says. Should be over medium heat for about 5-7 minutes, or until the ingredients are softened; and be sure to take the skillet off the heat before adding the rest of the mixture, blending it thoroughly before putting it in the pie shell. Also, since all ovens heat differently, I would reduce the time by 5 minutes and then begin testing it. Even though I made somewhere between a single and double recipe, the total of 55 minutes was just about right. If I'd put it in for another 5, it would have been a little dry, and if I had taken it out even two or three minutes earlier, it probably wouldn't have been entirely cooked. Finally, I was a bit concerned that the cheddar topping might become too well done if in for the entire 40 minutes, so I chose to add it with about 15-20 minutes to go instead. If you prefer the cheddar topping crusted a bit, put it on earlier. BOTTOM LINE: The quiche was a huge hit with everyone. A couple people I didn't even know came up to me personally to tell me how much they enjoyed it.��

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jahorwitz44 July 17, 2016
Spinach & Feta Quiche