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"Zing" went the strings of my heart! (as the old song goes) Perfectly yummy, delicious, and delectable. The only change I made was one of necessity: I thought I had enough white cheddar (DH was looking particularly guilty for a reason, I guess) but when it proved insufficient, I added pepper jack to make up for the lack. It was awesome! The occasional bite of jalapeno worked out great. In fact DH wants an all pepper jack version. Cool! Thank you Mirj for a great kugel. We loved it!

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Glori-B June 18, 2008

I have no idea how much 2 packages of frozen spinach is. Used what I had in the freezer and weighed it when it still was frozen, it came to about 700grams (would be almost 1 1/2pounds I guess). Don't know if I used too much or too little. When it was thawed I squeezed it out but did not weigh it again. Used non-fat yoghurt but indulged and used full-fat cottage cheese. When I took it out of the oven the matzo meal on top looked a bit raw but that was not a problem since I make my matzo meal myself in the blender. The kugel was firm, had a very good taste and was certainly worth making, a very nice change to the non-dairy kugels I mostly make. Thanks for posting.

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Chef Dudo April 08, 2007

wow, this was fantastic! i goofed up and used shredded 2% cheddar instead of yogurt and it still was terrific. our guests at the Seder loved the recipe. Next time, I will try it with the yogurt, but still a 5 star recipe.

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mandabears April 13, 2006

We loved this dish. My DH just had the leftovers for breakfast!! Absolutely yummy. I used Amish Swiss for the "white cheese" so I think I'll try it with yoghurt next time!! Thanks, Mirj!!

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Kymmarie October 10, 2005

Loved this, Mirj, and loved being able to enjoy a recipe that was so low in fat. Kugels are something I’ve only discovered recently – since I’ve been on Zaar – and I’ve tried a few now. Mine would have been slightly higher in fat because I used the yoghurt that I always buy and love: a creamy Greek yoghurt. I used low-fat cottage cheese, however, and egg whites, so it was still a pretty low-fat, but nonetheless indisputably delicious, dish if you love spinach, which I do. Just the right blend of flavours: I changed nothing. Except that in the absence of matzo meal, which I bought regularly – decades ago – when married to my first ex-husband, but which I haven’t bought recently (I just haven’t been in the right shops to buy it), I used wheat germ instead. If you love spinach, I highly recommend this recipe. I’ve made it while on the 2005 Zaar World Tour. Thank you for sharing this recipe, Mirj!

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bluemoon downunder October 02, 2005
Spinach Cheese Kugel (Low Fat)