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Yummy! Veggie hating dd loved it and veggie loving ds gobbled up 2 portions...and he is only 15 months old. :) I cut the recipe in half, and used 2 tablespoons of smart balance spread instead of butter in the casserole and sauteed the onion and garlic in EVOO. I used half 2% milk cheddar and part skim mozzarella. I used whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour and baked this for exactly an hour. It was a great side dish to compliment the honey mustard chicken I made, the best part was that the leftovers made a great breakfast. This is a keeper for sure, thanks so much for sharing!

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shimmerchk June 05, 2007

Really good. I sauteed the onions and garlic in olive oil instead of butter. Left out the flour and used half cheddar and half mozzarella. Next time I'm going to add something to give it a bit of a spicy kick.

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jincopunk June 08, 2012

Use green onion and 2 eggs, gluten free flour. This might have been in Parade magazine but it was a popular home recipe in the early 70s. I learned to make it from a family friend. It looks good. Make sure you squeeze spinach very dry.

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ASterling October 23, 2015

Actually, it doesn't look terrible! It looks (and tastes) great. I love bubbling cheesy oven bakes. I put halves tomatoes on top before baking which, with sprinkled chopped parsley to serve, made it look pretty darn good.

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MOLLY B. August 06, 2015

I added mushrooms , onions peppers too and added cottage cheese along with other cheese add chili powder and pepper or franks hot sauce for zing , high in protein , low in carbs and so good and filling

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Cheryl R. October 13, 2014

Was looking for a creamed spinach that used frozen, and this was a good one . . . HOWEVER, while I made it according to directions, wasn't sure about where to add the remaining 6 T of butter (only 2 of the 8 were used when sauteeing onions/garlic) and as another reviewer mentioned, the flour. Only four steps and I re-read them about 100 times, so not sure where these ingredients are meant to be used, but threw in the melted butter AND the flour before baking and it was delicious.

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randall6 December 26, 2013

My mother used to make this for holidays and we rediscovered a couple Christmas' back. Just now getting around to writing review. We love this dish! I like to 'spice' it up a bit with an Indian flair- some tumeric, coriander, cumin, ground chili pepper and some garam masala. I put them into the onion and garlic mixture for about 3 mins. before adding the spinach. I also do not use that much butter and like another reviewer have used olive oil for the saute section. My husband said he could eat this every day. It's wonderful dish. Thank you!

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The Amazing Christy! June 07, 2013

this recipe is fantastic and i don't even like spinach! my hubby told me to put in our dinner recipe rotation. it's now one of his favs. thanks for sharing! :)

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bugged out bird April 06, 2011

Good recipe, but high in cholesterol. In an effort to cut down on that, I used 5 eggs instead of 6, but I think 3 would have done the job, and substituted fat free cottage cheese for low fat. I also cut out the butter by using Pam, and instead of sauteing onions and garlic in butter, I just chopped up a bunch of green onions, threw that into the mixture along with granulated garlic to taste. Also used half sharp cheddar and half monterey jack cheese, to give the flavor a bit of diversity. I added some cayenne pepper to give it a little zing, as well as salt and pepper (not indicated in the recipe). The final casserole was delicious, appreciated by all.

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Kaisachi March 21, 2011

I loved the taste of this and it was so easy to throw together. I'm not sure where the flour was supposed to go so I just left it out and everything was fine. Thanks for posting!

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Sue Lau May 01, 2008
Spinach & Cheese Casserole