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This was wonderful! Creamy and delicious! The only thing I changed was I used 1 c parm & 1 c Italian blend vs. 2 straight c's parm. Partially because Parm is pricey and party because I thought the blend would add to the creamieness. I also covered the dip with some extra parn and blend cheeses before baking. DH loved it, too. I put 1/4 of the recipe in a small pyrex and threw it in the freezer.. will update when I find out how it bakes up going this route because it's soooo much better than those store bought frozen versions and the recipe makes so much that you could easily put 4 or 5 containers in the freezer for later use.
UPDATE - I was just making this recipe again for a party and remebered that I was going to share about freezing - the one I froze, I just pulled it out of the freezer the night before and stuck it in the fridge. The next evening, stuck it in the oven and it came out as delicious and creamy as the original batch.

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Amikins August 29, 2011

I made this last night for a football party at my house and EVERYONE absolutely LOVED it! I will definitely be making this again. I did make some changes after reading some of the other comments: I used 1 cup of parm cheese and 1 cup of italian blend, I added a little bit of lemon zest and lemon juice, a lot more garlic, some crushed red pepper, a splash of milk and I sprinkled seasoned breadcrumbs and more parm cheese on top. It was easy and delicious! I served it with fried bow tie pasta instead of chips or crackers. Complements all around.

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Jessica D December 28, 2010

This dip was a big hit with my friends! I substituted mushrooms for artichoke hearts and it was absolutely delicous. Great heated up the next day too! YUM...

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Meadow Camacho February 12, 2001

Really good dip! I added a little more garlic and a couple dashes of hot sauce to give it a little more zip, but it would be good regardless. I also added a handful of shredded mozzarella to give it a cheesier texture. My 12 yr old son LOVES this, and was asking me to make it again as soon as it was gone.

I served it with homemade pita chips as an alternative to chips. You just split the pitas in half, then cut into triangles, arrange on a cookie sheet, spray with cooking spray, add seasonings (I sparingly use kosher salt, garlic powder, crushed black pepper, paprika, and oregano or parsley) and then bake until crispy... maybe 10 min at 300'.

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Sassy Pants January 14, 2011

I made this as a appetizer for Thanksgiving and got alot of rave reviews on this one. I modified the recipe by adding 1/2 TBS of garlic powder since my husband and I love it. With the leftovers we will be baking it on top of some chicken breasts with a little bit of mozzarella cheese 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes or until juices run clear. Thank you for the recipe!

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Johnsdeere November 30, 2010

So, this dip makes a HUGE batch. I took the leftovers to work the next day and it was gone before 10:00 am! Now, I've made this again, but I put it in smaller custard dishes lined with parchment paper, covered it tightly and froze it. To be on the safe side, I set the bowl in warm water straight out of the freezer for about 10 minutes (because I worry the bowl may crack) then I bake it in the oven until the top gets golden brown. Several times over the past couple months, we've had company or gotten the munchies and were able to just pop this in the oven and serve with crackers or (my favorite) tortilla chips! Everyone has asked for the recipe, it is the best I think I've ever had!!!

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Tinks599 May 07, 2011

This was very good. I will make it again. Btw, it is excellent as a left over stirred into scrambled eggs. I simply added two heaping, cold tablespoons of dip to three beaten eggs, threw the whole works into a pan and scrambled as usual. Delicious!

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Maria M. September 05, 2011

I've made this recipe so many times... I can't believe I haven't reviewed it yet. It's the absolute best dip! I've made a few tweaks. 1) My chopped spinach was stringy, so now I toss the artichokes and spinach in a big bowl and chop it up with my kitchen sheers. 2) Instead of parmesan cheese, I use the Italian blend shredded cheese. 3) The dip cools pretty quick so the last time I made it I mixed the ingredients and put it all in a small crock pot and it turned out perfectly. 4) One time I added sliced green olives and it gave the dip a wonderful tangy note. I just love this stuff :) Thanks Juli!

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muncheechee October 31, 2009

Everyone loves this recipe!! We make it often and the only change is decreasing the Parmesan to 1c. and adding 1c. Italian blend shredded cheese as suggested by other reviews. Both ways are delicious, but everyone seems to prefer it with the change. Very delicious, very rich, and very addicting!! Be forewarned that if your willpower is low you could find yourself over eating to the point of sickness because it is just that good! Thank you so much for sharing!

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My KitchenAdventures :o)~ October 21, 2011

great recipe! i made some soft french bread, then cut it thinly, spritzed it with olive oil, and broiled both sides of all the slices (on a cookie sheet), to serve with the dip. it was all a big hit. i did use fresh spinach, but blanched it for a minute and a half before adding it. i also added only 1 cup parm cheese and 1 cup of an italian mix, since parm can be so strong and melt not as creamy, which i liked. i will be repeating this recipe for group gatherings- it does make a ton (fills the 8x8 nearly to the top)!

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gnet August 20, 2010
Spinach Artichoke Dip