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These were so good! The only things I changed in the recipe was replacing the wine with vegetable broth. For the sauce I left out the lime juice, but did add 6 jalapeno slices that I chopped and added... they gave the right amount of light spicy taste. I also ran the sauce through the blender so it was not so lumpy. Next time I want more sauce. I would have liked to have at least 1 cup more next time.

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Hippie Girl February 01, 2011

Absolutely delicious!!!! These are my favorite homemade enchiladas. I added cheese inside the enchiladas and the second time I made them I added some leftover rotisserie chicken. Will definitely use the chicken again. For the sauce I used the wine and 3/4 C chicken broth instead of bullion and water. I added a little cheese to the sauce as well. Only used a couple of dashes of the Lawry's Season Salt and added the cilantro at the end of the sauce so it wouldn't lose its flavor. I also added a little extra sour cream. This is one of my family's favorites!

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cyngamgam April 15, 2012

Loved this recipe! Definitely restaurant quality. I used frozen spinach and squeezed it dry. Had a little leftover cilantro cream sauce, so I stirred it into canned black beans and even my bean-hating husband gobbled those up (and they were even better the next day with brown rice stirred in). I love having a meatless entree that my family will actually eat. Thanks for posting!

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Tamaretta September 24, 2008

I just made these enchiladas for dinner and they were soooo good! I made them vegetarian by substituting 1tsp of "Better than Bouillon: Vegetable Base" for the chicken bouillon. I omitted the salt and they were perfect for our tastes. I used lime juice instead of wine in the sauce. I froze half of the enchiladas for another night and I'm really looking forward to having them again.

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Chef#1128 August 28, 2009

I admit I had my doubts about the sauce, but it turned out to be phenomenal! I, also, got only 6 enchiladas. I used pepper jack cheese and whole grain tortillas. I will do a few things differently next time; I'd like a higher ratio of mushrooms to spinach. Think I may also toy with the black beans as someone else suggested. Also will want some uncooked cilantro to throw into the sauce after cooking it to brighten it a bit, but overall, I have to say this is AMAZING!

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SandwichQueen January 30, 2010

I loved these enchiladas! Fresh spinach really makes it yummy. I'm more of a mushroom lover, but I still really enjoyed the fresh spinach. There was an overpowering lime taste, though; I used the lime juice in the sauce instead of the wine, so next time I'd use half and half so there wasn't so much lime flavor. Aside from that, they were perfect! I plan on making them again very soon and re-rating since I'm sure without so much lime they'd be an easy five stars. Thanks for posting! Edit: I had to come back and give these five stars. I knew when I was heating these up for breakfast that I was hooked! I will definitely cut down on the lime next time, but they were still scrumptious.

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hepcat1 November 14, 2008

Yummy! This simple cilantro lime cream sauce was absolutely wonderful! Used a bit of seasoned salt with the mushrooms (could have used more) and 1 t in the sauce which was just right for me. Used chicken base, baby spinach and light organic sour cream. Also softened the tortillas in a tiny bit of oil. Probably could have added the rest of the 16 oz pkg of spinach without a problem. This made 12 small enchiladas but I'd probably go with 8-10 next time to make them a bit fatter. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama June 08, 2008

"Quite good", was what my husband deemed these, and I agree with him. Very rarely does he like meatless dinners, so I very happy that he enjoyed these. Very easy to prepare, good taste, I really enjoyed the sauce. The only thing I changed was I added 2 extra cloves of garlic and I dusted them with paprika to give a little color. I will make again. Thank you for sharing!

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Thymestudio May 28, 2007

A tasty meatless entree. I loved the spinach and mushroom filling. I think the tablespoon of salt and the tablespoon of bouillon granules made the sauce overly salty. I added extra sour cream to cut it. Next time I think I will cut the salt down to a tsp. If you want to feed someone you love vegetables, this is a great way to do it!

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cookiedog January 08, 2007

I really liked these, although didn't go down too well with my husband and son, who love normal chicken/salsa enchiladas, even though I added some shredded chicken. Quite a bit of mess and time though

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vickirecipes May 09, 2013
Spinach and Mushroom Enchiladas With Cilantro Cream Sauce