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This is a nice variation on typical mac and cheese. I used a whole wheat penne and followed the recipe as posted, although I couldn't get Fontina cheese, and had to sub an Italian mixture (that included Fontina in it). I will say that I found that it could have used a bit more sauce, as it was sort of on the dry side. Still in all, it's a great idea that just needs some tweaking! Made for Spring PAC 2013.

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JackieOhNo! March 19, 2013

Good base idea, but as a maker of many homemade macs and cheese, the liquid proportions were off for the amount of pasta called for. i would double the milk/flour and add some more cheese -- there just wasn't enought to thoroughly coat the pasta. when i make a hearty mac and cheese, it usually seems like you have TOO much sauce...i could tell from the get-go that this was going to be a bit dry. flavors overall were good...i like a little crunch and texture on top so i combined about 4 tbs melted butter with about a 1/2 c ea of panko bread crumbs and parmigiano and sprinked it over the top over the extra fontina. was a nice touch and made it more mac and cheese rather than just a dry pasta dish. i followed this verbatim and i am a seasoned cook, so curious if others feel the same... ALSO -- it says this serves FOUR (!!!!)...this makes me think that maybe she intended 1/2 pound of pasta instead of 1 pound. mine made a HUGE casserole dish fit for 8 hearty portions...4 portions from my pan would have meant sure cardiac arrest!!! caught a few errors in her recipe when making it, so just makes me question things...oh, and it was much better as leftovers today...nucking a portion for a minute with saran wrap seem to put some much needed moisture back into it...really enjoyed it much more with coffee in the am than i did last night with easter dinner...my daughter is a vegetarian so i always try and have something she can enjoy (no ham for her!) and that others can try...

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MalibuMermaid April 05, 2010

I love artichokes and cheese. This is to die for. I had to make this after I saw it on the Rachel Ray show. Its like mac and cheese for adults.

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RavenousRavenDesign September 23, 2009

I too saws this on RR and couldn't wait to try. I used cavatappi pasta instead and once had to sub a mild unaged gouda instead of fontina (too expensive). My hubby also loved this and he claims to dislike artichokes. great along side roasted chicken.

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Moonmunkimama September 17, 2009

I always know when I have a winner on the dinner table. My husband does his lip smacking sounds. LoL! I didn't have an open bottle of wine, so subbed in some chicken stock and because we love cheese, I added just a bit more. Made for Every Day Holiday Tag. :)

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Lori Mama July 21, 2009
Spinach and Artichoke Mac and Cheese