Spicy Tuna Rolls

Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

A light meal for a hot day, or any day for that matter. Kraft foods recipe

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  1. MIX dressing and hot pepper sauce in large bowl.
  2. STIR in tuna.
  3. SPOON evenly onto tortillas; top with lettuce and cucumbers.
  4. Roll up.
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This just made a very enjoyable light lunch for 3. We don't get miracle whip here so I used whole egg mayo and just a touch of tabasco (the DM doesn't like hot and spicy but loves creamy) and put extra in the DS and my portion. Thank you Michelle_My_Belle for a quick, easy and tasty lunch. Made for New ZAAR Stars Tag Game.

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GREAT! I made this with mayo, tabasco sauce and high fiber tortillas. I didn't measure my ingredients but am pretty sure I didn't use 3T of mayo or 2t of tabasco. I did LOVE the cucumber with the tuna and tabasco flavor. This made 2 small wraps for me. Made for the Please Review tag game.

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I used olive oil Mayonnaise from Hellsman. As hot pepper sauce, it was sambal oelek. I loved it. The heat of the hot pepper sauce with the lettuce and cucumber that was perfect. Thanks Michelle. Made for Please Review my Recipe.