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This actually turned out pretty good. I only used 4 cups of the V8 juice (5 cups just seemed like a lot!) and I used the low sodium kind which probably affected the flavor a little bit--I ended up adding a little salt and some cayenne pepper to fix it. I also used quick pearl barley and boiled the whole mixture for about 15 minutes and then only had to bake it for 25 minutes and it turned out great. I will probably leave out the carrots next time (I didn't think they quite fit with the rest of the ingredients), but other than that it was a good recipe!

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Quiltingqueen August 15, 2008

This was an easy, tasty and cheap! I added a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and some salt. My husband said it tasted like spanish rice. I'll be making this again for sure, Thanks!

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drinkmore November 26, 2011

This was really good! It's what I call a "kitchen sink" recipe, because you can throw in everything but the kitchen sink and not change the basic quality and flavor of the recipe. I think the chili powder really makes it. I decided to apply the kitchen sink principle and threw in some baby spinach I needed to use up (sauteed it with the onions) a little bit of chopped zucchini, and some diced tomatoes I also needed to use. The recipe makes a ton, so I'll be able to take some in my lunch all week. Thanks for posting; I really enjoyed it - and it's so HEALTHY!! :)

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Barb Witherspoon February 13, 2011
Spicy Tomato and Bean Barley Bake (Low Fat and Healthy)