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Superb! A relatively easy and authentic recipe. Some may want to decrease the peanut butter to keep it lighter though.

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Brian14 July 26, 2003

We really enjoyed this, the sauce has a unique and complex flavour with a bit of bite. I haven't really been exposed to Thai food and it was fun to try something so different than what I am used to. And yes, my eyebrows were raised as I was whisking the lime juice and soya sauce into the peanut butter! We used about 5 chilies because because we didn't want to make it so spicy that my son wouldn't try it. You may want to adjust the number of servings, since this recipe makes a ton, much more than 4 servings as a side dish. Good luck in the contest!

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*Pixie* July 15, 2003

This is such an inspired recipe!! I was worried that the sauce would be too strong, but it was absolutely perfect and had an authentic Asian flavour. And it was so colourful! The Mung bean sprouts added a nice crispy touch, as did the peanuts. I used thin vermicelli - next time I will try a wider noodle (and there won't be just the one next time!). I could't get Thai chiles, so I used another type of hot red chile instead. Congratulations to the chef. This is worth far more than 5 stars.

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Daydream July 02, 2003

If it were up to my DH he would rate this way more than 5 stars. We both loved this dish...especially the mix of colors of the vegetables, the interesting blend of salty, spicy and sweet tastes, and the variations of textures with the soft noodles, and crunchy peanuts. This is vegetarian comfort food. The instructions were clear, except the one which directed me to whisk the sauce ingredients together. My peanut butter must have been too cold because it just glommed up inside the whisk and refused to blend with the other ingredients. I got out my hand blender and in 10 seconds it was beautifully smooth. I had most of the ingredients except for the Thai chilies. Since I didn't want that to stop me from making the recipe I used the only fresh chilies that I had which were jalapenos. I'm sure they were not as hot as the Thai chilies, but we enjoyed this dish anyway. Congratulations on creating a terrific recipe that we will enjoy making for many years to come.

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Geema June 28, 2003

Kicking!!Spicy Good!This makes much more then 4 servings. I topped it with julienned raw cucumbers.

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Rita~ June 25, 2003

To quote both my taste-buds and guests ... "Thank you! Thank you!"

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Gerry sans Sanddunes July 17, 2003

Great recipe. For Dominique353 - I have cooked Thai a lot. I have never eaten the lemon grass. I buy it at a foreign foods grocery store in large stalks. Cook with it and remove right before serving. Problem solved!

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careyheat June 30, 2010

easy to follow and easy to make. It tasted wonderful and I have been told I have to make this regularly and make bigger portions :)

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Karen R. November 25, 2014

I thought this recipe was so yummy! I love Thai noodles and have been looking for a recipe for awhile because I no longer live near my favorite restaurant. This matches my favorite dish almost perfectly.

The only thing I did differently, was instead of adding a 2/3 cup of peanut butter I added about 6 tbs of Sesame oil. Since a lot of people had problems with the peanut butter I used the Sesame oil which gives it that subtle nutty flavor that isn't too overpowering like peanut butter. Plus, sesame is a staple in a lot of Thai and Korean cooking.

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Dr. Mister July 13, 2011

Loved it! Used about 1/3c natural unsweetened peanut butter and was pretty good. The lemongrass was hard and tough, not sure if I did something wrong since I've never used it in anything before. Just the right amount of spiciness with 1/4 tsp of crushed chilis in the sauce and a sliced serrano pepper in the pan. This is something I would definitely make again, maybe with a bit of coconut milk and some shrimp! MMMMmmmm.....

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Dominique353 February 23, 2008
Spicy Thai Noodles with Vegetables