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I have to admit that I was only so-so about this recipe, but I made it for a potluck and was asked for the recipe, so I'm splitting the difference. My issues with the recipe are that it was very salty and that it was very thick. At home I could have thinned it out more easily, but I had thrown the ingredients in the crock and just taken them to work. When I took the rest of it home, I thinned it down and added some chopped fresh tomato and it was a bit more appealing. If I were to make this again, I would use less cream cheese (or add some unsalted broth or even water) and I would make my own sausage, probably use some fresh tomato with it, or perhaps just use fresh tomato and chiles. Thank you for posting, it is a great last minute appetizer when you need one.

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duonyte August 30, 2011

Simple and delicious! It was a big hit at our football party. Thanks for sharing!

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Starrynews October 10, 2009
Spicy Tailgate Dip (For the Crock Pot or Slow Cooker)