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Outstanding! I loved cooking beans and ribs together, and they were SOOO good: ribs very tender; beans just perfect. These were sweet, but not too sweet..just right. I had lots of sauce left over, so will add another can of beans next time. Thanks, Rita, for sharing this easy, no-fail recipe. I'll be making these again and again.

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BeachGirl March 14, 2003

Awesome recipe! I didn't have pinto beans or hickory BBQ sauce. I used Cannellini beans and Sonny's sweet BBQ with 1 tsp of hickory liquid smoke.

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heplerc April 26, 2012

DH was a bit skeptical about this because of the spicy ingredients, but he loved it. I accidentally bought boneless ribs (5 lb of solid meat!) - as a result some parts wound up a bit dry, but not all, by any means. Also, I set my Smart Pot for 8 hours on low, but the recipe sat on warm for at least another 4 hours! I will definitely make these again, but I recommend the bone-in ribs, and will read the package more carefully next time.

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evewitch January 10, 2004

Rita, used double the amount of ribs, thinking I would have enough for another meal. Ha! Went into the refrigerator and everyone kept going in and getting more, even cold! This will definitely be a OMC.

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Darkhunter May 11, 2003

I didn't follow the recipe exactly, but stayed true to the spirit. Love the beans and ribs combination. I had beef ribs, trimmed a lot of fat off, then rubbed with seasoning and then grilled on the BBQ, it's too hot to turn the oven on. Also did not have jelly so I used a sweet brown sugar rub, added a mined jalapeno pepper. I did not add the bbq sauce until everything was done. I removed the solids from the crockpot into a 9x13 pan, pour bbq sauce over and broiled a couple of minutes. Beans were so creamy, wish I had put another can in because we ran out of the beans quickly. Thank you.

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Nado2003 September 08, 2014

Made these last night - followed the recipe exactly except that I had about 6lbs of country ribs vs. 4 lbs. I cooked them on low for 8.5 hours, and they were falling off the bone and some were dry. I know that falling off the bone is supposed to be good, but I like to have a whole rib on my plate, not just unappetizing pieces. Also, when scooping out the beans, I had to be so careful to not get any pieces of bones that had fallen out as a result of the ribs falling apart. If I were to make these again, I would cook for less time - maybe six hours on low (or in oven). This is the issue I have with crock pot recipes - the results are always so inconsistent, and almost everything I cook in the crock pot tastes the same. This recipe, with the step of broiling the ribs first, definitely has more effort than I want for a crock pot recipe, but I can see why you have to do that step - there was still a ton of grease in the sauce. When you have to "scoop of the fat" - impossible. I used my gravy separator to let the grease come to the top, but this takes a while - 10-20 minutes. The directions did not say when/how to use the cumin, so I added it to the sauce. There is a lot of sauce, so basically (again, like so many CP recipes) the meat is basically boiling all day. We liked the flavors, and the beans were good (although also overcooked), and I think I would make this again in the oven - couple hours on a low temp - probably hold back some of the sauce to pour over ribs and beans when done (that way leaving it "greasless"). So, to summarize, I guess I would make this again with several modifications: 1) broil the ribs; drain grease, 2) add beans to bottom of broiler, put ribs on top, cover with onion, pepper, garlic, and 1/2 of the sauce, 3) cook on 325 for 2 hours, turning ribs half way (maybe cover with foil). Remove ribs, strain beans, serve with other half of sauce.

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WorkingMom2three May 02, 2014

I personally didn't like them...(sorry!) but I sent them to work with my Dad and they all raved. I think I have an issue with "sweet & spicy" foods. It smelled DELICIOUS while in the crock pot. Maybe it just was not for me. I suggest you try it and see if the sweet/spicy thing is for your palate! Either way, your house will still smell DELICIOUS!

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AQueen April 20, 2008

Superb ribs! So delicious and this recipe rocks even without a crock pot, in an ordinary pot. I added 1 cup water to the sauce, so it wouldn't dry out during cooking. I slowly simmered the ribs for 1 hr, then removed the lid and reduced the sauce to a desired consistency for about 15 mins. The ribs where tender and so tasty, and the sauce was great over rice. Thank you Rita, for yet another keeper!

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rosslare January 20, 2007

Great Ribs! The sauce was perfect! I made them for a dinner with some manly guests (construction workers) and they ate every last bit of food! They raved over the ribs and said they were the best they had....thanks for making me look so good!

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NcMysteryShopper October 24, 2005

Thank you! I knew we were in for a treat when I finished cooking down the sauce. The BBQ sauce is soooo good! I'll be making this again, especially in the summer for the grill! The ribs & beans turned out great. I left the onions in slices & they were just perfect--so yummy. Served it with some fresh cole slaw & it was a hit. Can't wait to taste this kicky, zippy sauce on burgers! lol

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Chel Baker January 25, 2005
Spicy-Sweet Ribs and Beans Crock Pot