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I scaled this back to make 2 individual pasties for the DM - one for tonight and one to freeze and rehat later and I still had mix left over. The DM realy enjoyed her b=vegetarian pastie though for her I omitted the chilli and broccoli otherwiseit would have been a battle to get her to eat. Thank you Boo L and to Karen Elizabeth for her recommendation - recommended in IRecoomend Tag game.

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I'mPat September 16, 2011

I really like how all the flavours blend together for this recipe. I made them into 4 pasties as well because I was making as something for eating later in the week. I mixed the lemon juice of a half a large lemon into the potato/carrot mix. DH really loved these and wants to bring one of them for lunch to work tomorrow so it looks like I will only have two dinners from it. For the pastry crust, I used Shortcrust Pastry, which went perfectly for the recipe. Thanks for sharing! Made for PAC Spring 2010.

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Tea Girl April 11, 2010

I'm enjoying these for my office lunch! Instead of one big pasty, I made six individual ones, preparing them as directed, and boy, are they nice! I used a very soft creamy feta, perfect for this lovely vegetarian pasty. They are not particularly spicy, the spices are more complementary to the veggies used. No instructions re the lemon juice, so I squeezed it over the pasty filling before closing it up, I used one smallish lemon. It was a nice way to bake the vegetables in foil, they would be good eaten just like that, I was pinching some before I mashed it! :) Good recipe, Boo! Made for PAC Fall 2009

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Karen Elizabeth September 21, 2009
Spicy Sweet Potato (Yam) Pasty