Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 24 mins

Why not try this different and delicious way of making potato pancakes. Baking the potatoes and chill time not included. *EDIT, After the first 2 reviews I have increased the flour amount. If the mixture is still too wet you may add more in small amounts until you feel that it's going to hold together.

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  1. Combine the potatoes and eggs in a med size mixing bowl.
  2. Put the grated onion into a clean kitchen towel and wring the liquid out of it and add it to the potatoes.
  3. Add the flour, nutmeg, curry powder,black pepper, salt and cayenne; stir well.
  4. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for one hour.
  5. Heat 2 tbsp of butter and 1 tbsp shortening in medium sized skillet on medium heat.
  6. Form the potato mix into patties and add them to the hot skillet three at a time.
  7. Spread them out to form pancakes 1/4 inch thick and 3 inches in diameter.
  8. Brown on one side, turn and cook till golden.
  9. Place cooked pancakes on a paper lined baking sheet and keep warm in the oven.
  10. Repeat till till all potato mixture is used adding more butter and shortening to pan as needed.
  11. Serve with chilled applesauce if using.
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These taste great but are a bit tricky to make. I used ghee instead of butter, that can take a higher temperature because it's basically clarified butter. I let them brown fairly well on the first side before attempting to turn, used a turner and a spatula to maneuver them on. A very nice accompaniment to bratwurst.

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I am rating this 5 stars because of the taste, but the execution is another story! I made the mixture with the 2 T. flour and refrigerated for over an hour. My first batch came out horribly. It was impossible to turn them, and I could not salvage any. To the remaining mixture, I added another 2 T. flour. This worked out perfectly, and I was rewarded with wonderful tasty pancakes (albeit only 4). I would definitely make these again, but would increase the flour greatly. Made by a Tasty Tester for ZWT9.

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I took 2 things into consideration when rating this recipe & averaged them together for the final star rating. I would give this recipe 5 stars for taste but 3 stars because the pancake batter was very moist & I could not get the pancakes to cook without crumbling to pieces. I loved the spice combination!!