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I made a mistake here; I got corn muffin mix (which I JUST figured out) instead of cornbread mix. I know that made a difference. I think I sliced my onions too thinly, and the oil was too hot to start. :-( Just a comedy of errors for these poor onion rings. As mentioned by another reviewer, the batter was a tad too thick for me; I added some extra club soda, and that solved the problem. I finally got the temperature right, and was rewarded with some sweet/spicy onion rings. I had never used chipotles before; they have an interesting flavor, and I'm looking forward to using them again. Thanks for sharing these, Susie D!

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alligirl April 24, 2010

I doubled the peppers and added a few spoonfuls of the adobo sauce LOL I used two other recipes to get the self rising flour and cornbread mix. I did find the batter very thick and tried one ring then added more liquid until it was just right for us LOL We found this tasted just like a corn dog batter LOL It was a little sweet. The whole time I could not think if I like these or not but since I kept eating them I must of ;) DH really enjoyed them Made for PAC Fall 2009

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wicked cook 46 September 18, 2009

When it comes to chiles, I'm on the conservative side, so cut back on the amount of that ingredient, but other than that, I followed the recipe right on down & had A WONDERFUL TASTE TREAT with these onion rings! VERY NICE RECIPE, & one worth keeping around! [Tagged, made & reviewed while touring Texas during the ZWT5]

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Sydney Mike May 13, 2009

These were very good. I doubled the chipotle chiles which gave this a really nice kick. The batter was very thick and a little hard to work with, but I have only made onion rings once before, so it was probably my inexperience. All in all a really nice and tasty treat. Thanks Susie

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~Nimz~ May 28, 2006

I ws totally intrigued about using Jiffy Cornbread mix(my favorite cornbread mix in a pinch) for a batter and had to try this one out. A splendid succes for Dugan's monthly poker party. I took Leeezah's advice and really upped the peppers in the batter. I had to make three batches to fill the beasts up! I served these with Ketchup, ranch Avocado Ranch Dressing, and Thousand Island dressing for dipping. Surprisingly- the Thousand Island dressing went over the best followed by the ranch. The Thousand Island is sweet with a little tart bite from the pickle relish in it and it goes very well with these sweet and spicy rings. This for me was one of those "I can't believe it was that good recipes"! (I didn't read the ingredients properly and purchased regular condensed milk...but they were still very sweet because of the Jiffy cornbread mix which has sugar in it...I thought they were terrific like this)

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Pot Scrubber March 27, 2006

Interesting flavor, Thick batter that cooked beatifully, quite sweet, and the cornmeal taste really came through, couldn't really taste the chitpotle chile, next time would add more, for we were craving more 'zip' and less sweet. Drained them on brown paper shopping bags, more absorbent than paper towels. Thank You Susie D!

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lets.eat June 06, 2005
Spicy Sweet Onion Rings