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The recipe as written is delicious! We liked it so much that it has become a regular; however, I found that it is easy to customize by following the basic steps, but adding or subtracting certain ingredients. Just prep the pork to marinate, and, in the main sauce bowl, throw in whatever you would like. I've used hoisin, apricot preserves, fish sauce, jerk seasoning, curry, 5-spice, etc. Those additions are certainly not authentic, but they are great flavor variations. Also, when I didn't have bean sprouts, I very thinly sliced and roughly chopped cabbage for a little crunch. Raw chopped jumbo shrimp added to the pork sauce as it is cooking is delicious. Most importantly, I have found I enjoy the noodles more when I stir all of the sauce into all of the noodles. As it melds together, the texture and flavors improve.

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Lawsome December 30, 2009

Good recipe!

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Charmie777 December 09, 2012
Spicy Sichuan Noodles With Ground Pork