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How can I not give this recipe 5 stars? It boggles the mind what is possible with this as a base recipe and the variations possible for wonderful attractive tasty appetizerswithout the old Ho Hum covering. Loved the recipe changed a couple of things but not drasticalyy We loved it! There will be many more varities of it in the future Thanks Rita for a super easy, attractive, tasty recipe.

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Bergy August 30, 2009

This made for a delicious lunch this afternoon. Yummy stuff...I made them last night so they sat overnight to blend all the delicious flavors together. I did half the recipe though since it is just 2 for lunch. The mixed flavors were absolutely wonderful and such a nice crunch from the veggies with a great kick from the chipotle peppers. Of course silly me, I realized I forgot to mix the shrimps with the salad and I had already stuffed my shells the night before, so I just put the shrimps on the side with a little mix of mayo and dijon. Turned out to be a fantastic lunch. Thanks for this great recipe Rita

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FrenchBunny August 12, 2009
Spicy Shrimp Stuffed Shells Salad