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Tips: Double the recipe. Have lots of napkins, fingerbowls or wetwipes. Eat like a pig. These are amazing. Easy and quick even though the ingredients look long. What I did was use already cooked shrimp and just tossed them long enough to heat through and used ground chipotle iinstead of the chile itself.

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MarraMamba January 23, 2012

I have had this in my "to try" file for quite a long time and was happy I made this tonight. Besides minimal prep and it is so easy to make, what I like best about this recipe is that I don't really care for food dipped in flour and fried. I was glad in this recipe that the shrimp were spiced and then sauteed without creating a batter. I actually had 3 leftover French rolls that I was trying to use up. I ended up using about a pound of shrimp, only increasing the spices and olive oil by a quarter or so, and making the mayo as indicated because I could tell it would make way more than the recipe needed (as it was I had leftover mayo). The chipotle avocado mayo was delightful, and as I already mentioned, I liked the way the shrimp were prepared. This made for a great dinner. I omitted the lettuce because I did not have any. Thanks for posting!

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Dr. Jenny July 28, 2013
Spicy Shrimp Po' Boy With Chipotle Avocado Mayonnaise