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I added "mud bugs" (crawdads) in mine....also added Rattlesnake Dust to give it even more heat... Great recipe....

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Rolltider December 04, 2012

When I read this recipe, I had to try it. But since there are only 2 of us, I made a half recipe. And since I need to watch my health, I left ou the roux altogether. I could not find crab claws either, so I used 7 oz of Healthy Choice smoked sausage, sliced, instead. Instead of the roux, I sauteed the veggies in olive oil Pam and 2 tsp infused chili oil (which I made with another recipe on this site!). After the whole thing was simmering, I added a 6 oz can of tomato paste and upped the spice with generous amounts of cayenne pepper. I also left off the rice and served it with homemade wheat and herb bread. Definitely something to make on your day off, though! Quite a bit of work, and the seafood made it expensive. It was a treat, though, even made lower in fat!

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Michele Hayes April 24, 2004
Spicy Seafood Gumbo