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Yummy. And spicy. We've used andouille sausage before, and our kids sometimes complain that it is too spicy. Hubby and I liked it very much, but next time I make this I'll have to make it with some other, less spicy type of sausage. This isn't a "real" gumbo, since it doesn't start with a roux and have a thickened gravy, but of course not because it's supposed to be a healthy version. It was very easy to make and I'll make it again but less spicy for the kids. I served it after only 4.5 hours in my crockpot on high, but my high is really high on my crock. I think another 1.5 hours and it would've been overcooked flavorless mush.

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MathMom.calif May 24, 2007
Spicy Sausage and Vegetable Gumbo (Slow Cooker)