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My 5 stars always go to a recipe which needs no change, no tweaking. This recipe is like that, and the chicken was delicious. The photos I took were not good, because the light was fading and the marinade was shiny! Please mix the marinade ingredients exactly as Evelyn said. It makes a delightful marinade which becomes a dark, flavourful sauce. (I put the rest in a little bowl so we could ladle it over the cut-up chicken). A word of caution: cover the chicken with a piece of tented foil for part of the roasting time, as the marinade can burn. (The dark bits in my photo's are not burnt: it was merely difficult lighting). And there is a reason why she says to cover the roasting pan with foil ... I did not, and put the chicken in a white oven dish ... and the dish then needed soaking and a good scrubbing! This recipe is highly recommended! Thanks, Evelyn!

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Zurie February 02, 2007

Delicious! I made the marinade yesterday as posted and allowed the chicken to marinate for 20 hours. I did not follow the roasting directions on this one. I tied the legs and placed the chicken on a roasting rack. I did follow the advice and lined the roasting pan with foil. Glad I did because it made quite a mess. I used a slow roasting method and was very happy with the results. The chicken had a yummy, sticky finish. I served it with rice and with stir-fried jicama and edamame. Thanks for posting, evelyn/athens, this is truly delicious.

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Garlic Chick March 10, 2012

If it was possible to give it more stars I would have, it was that good! I have two fussy eaters in the house, my husband and 7yo daughter. Neither one is very fond of soy sauce. They both devoured the chicken asking for more. The one thing I did leave out was the hot chilli paste due to two young palates. Instead, I mixed some hot chilli sauce into the leftover marinade after the chicken had cooked. I marinaded a whole chicken overnight and served with pumpkin fritters, sweet potatoe and a large green salad.

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Chef Africa March 01, 2010

Didn't really enjoy the flavors on this one, although the chicken turned out moist

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Shasha December 29, 2008

EXCELLENT! I did not need the foil tent. Turning the chicken after 30 min. & the fact my chicken was small it cooked quickly & did not burn (kept an eye on it though when basting). It tasted great marinated 4hrs only will try 24hrs next time. Delicious, thanks!!

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Night Owl June 04, 2007

This is simply wonderful! I used a 7 lb. Oven Stuffer and didn't need to change the amount of the ingredients at all. The marinade ladled over the chicken slices was absolutely delicious. I didn't notice the advice to use tinfoil in the pan but used a white oval Corning dish and had no problem. This is definitely a keeper.

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elliesstuff February 14, 2007

This is a fabulous blend of flavors & I can wait to try it on the bbq! I used skinless chicken leg quarters, started in a 375 oven for 30 minutes then turned up the oven to 425 for an additional 20 minutes and the chicken turned out perfectly, moist and flavorful. This one will go in my keeper file. thank you Ev for a most wonderful recipe.

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BonnieZ January 31, 2005
Spicy Roast Chicken