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I made a few changes to this recipe. Instead of breadcrumbs I used crushed herb and garlic croutons. I also used the crushed croutons mixed with grated parmesan cheese to coat the rice balls instead of wheat germ. They turned out delicious! However I didn't like them with spaghetti, I think they were great on their own, or would go well with some kind of mushroom sauce. I had no problems with the rice balls falling apart, and I chopped my onions by hand. I would suggest cooking them until the outside is nice and crispy, as the taste and texture is much better that way.

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Katie S. September 19, 2013

these don't look particularly appetizing, but tasted pretty good. remember to season your patty with salt. i chopped my onions fine in the food processor, but the patty still fell apart. the cayenne pepper was a good addition. i think the overall texture was not as good as i had imagined; next time, i will incorporrate some grounded cashews, and i will edit this review. they do make good brownbag pita stuffings though. thank you

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MooseCall March 07, 2004
Spicy Rice Meatballs