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This is the ol' Chevy truck of Southern country vittles. Make the recipe as written or substitute your heart out. 'Tis excellent as written, but here's a couple of alternatives. I like to grind three or four dried cayenne peppers between my palms directly over the pot. Any sort of fresh peppers chopped up do well. Trying to eat the meat from a ham hock is fine if you are broke. The human stomach is perfectly suited to the exercise. Since I am not destitute, I wrap the ham hock(s) in cheesecloth and toss them with the bay leaves. If you want pieces of meat, use large chunks of ham and shred them at the end down to bite size. Or country style ribs. Or whatever you have laying around. But don't pass on the ham hocks. (Bacon and liquid smoke will work, kinda.) I make it very watery since the leftovers soak up a lot of liquid overnight. Put some of the beans in a blender to thicken.

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Blue Bustard February 28, 2011

This was just what I was looking for. EXCELLENT!!! Easy, cheap, satisfying, but most of all, it had the taste I was looking for. This will be a favorite here, I can tell you. The next time I make it, I will add some chopped cooked ham if I serve it as a main dish (My family are big meat- eaters). But as a side dish it is PERFECT as is. I added 1/2 tsp cayenne, since my family is not big on "hot". I served it over brown rice, just because I like how chewy it is. There were no left-overs. I tried to take a picture to post, but my batteries were dead. Next time I will. EDIT: I've made this recipe many times now. I've also made it in the crockpot. If you do, soak the beans overnight, then cook it on HIGH all day.

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papergoddess December 03, 2005

This turned out to be a great "no time to cook" meal. After dropping everything into the crock pot and leaving for work, I was welcomed home with a very pleasant aroma. While the rice boiled, I stirred the beans, which had thickened nicely and added the parsley. What a treat. This one will definitively be repeated. Hubby says the "heat" was just right. The leftovers went to work with him the next day, and I've passed on the recipe to two co-workers along with recipezaar's web address.

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Renate April 28, 2003

It sounds like a good recipe that I will try. I just wanted to note though, that the recipe calls for dried red kidney beans and some have mentioned using slow cookers. Using slow cookers with raw or dried red kidney beens is very dangerous. Red kidney beans need to reach full boil for a certain period of time (10 minutes has been suggested), i.e. a certain temperature, to break down the Phytohaemagglutnin (Kidney Bean Lectin) which is toxic.
See http://www.foodreference.com/html/artredkidneybeanpoisoning.html. There may be some slow cookers that can safely do this, but not having one, or otherwise looking at them I do not know. All I know is that the article said that heating can actually worsen the toxicity if insufficient, So if you are not cooking the recipe as described, be careful. If someone else mentioned this, and I missed it, sorry for the duplication.

Not to give away anything, but this is a plot device in the fine book by the late Dick Francis, Dead Heat (2007). Highly recommended, but I like all his books. ;-)

Thank you Anita, for the recipe! I look forward to trying it.

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Donald-w November 19, 2011

Delicious! I made this last night and it was a HUGE hit. Even my niece who often complains things are too spicy, ate every bite and raved about how good it was. It was spicy don't get me wrong, but I guess in a good way for my niece. LOL I didn't have a ham hock, so I left that out, but other than that I followed the recipe exactly. Thanks so much for sharing. We will be doing this again.

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cookin'mamma February 19, 2010

Made mostly as directed but with a few changes...added 1 chopped green bell pepper and an extra clove of garlic; sauteed the onions/garlic/celery/bell pepper in half olive oil and half butter before adding the other ingredients. Used additional hot sauce and did not add salt because I used two smoked ham hocks instead of one. Served with Sweet Cornbread (#116185) and Alton Brown's baked brown rice. Being from the South, I can attest to this being some awesome red beans and rice...do try it with the ham hock or ham bone for the best flavor. This is going in my favorites. Thanks, Anita! GREAT recipe! Even my DH, who swore he'd never eat a "pot of beans" is now a convert!

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Epi Curious March 16, 2009

I really like this recipe. I am used to making Latin American style red beans, but this is a great alternative (more of a Cajun flavor), and my husband prefers this one. I do have the following variations: use 1 qt chicken stock instead of water, add 1 can diced tomatoes, omit the hot pepper sauce; and use bacon/sliced sausage/ham for the meat. This would be a great recipe for leftover ham bone. I pair these beans with rice and/or sweet cornbread (www.momadvice.com) and www.kraftfoods.com's oven-fried crunchy parmesan chicken.

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956856 September 15, 2008

Marvelous! I omitted the "spicey" parts of it as I didn't have either on hand, but the other flavors were superb. An update: I've tried this several times in the past few years that I've been making it and it has never failed me. It's fantastic with either hocks or shanks, or a huge ham bone. I like to sautee the onions until nice and brown but that's the only mod I've made. Thanks for a long time family favorite.

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Annie H December 26, 2006

Wow, this recipe is excellent! I put them in a crock pot and let them cook all day (11 hrs!) on low. I doubled the amount of water since it was going to cook for so long. I also added a spicy pork sausage as I thought there wouldn't be enough meat but it didn't need it and next time I'll skip it. The ham just fell off the ham hock, it was so tender. It was all perfectly spicy, just right and so easy. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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Hcts June 09, 2003

Fantastic. Best I have ever had. Followed recipe!! (optional) I added 3/4 of 1 pound sausage link cut in small pieces and it blended in great. After cooking, I discarded ham hock, because I didn't like the fat and skin.

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jwr37_7784651 July 20, 2014
Spicy Red Beans and Rice