Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Simple, quick and easy to make. Good for any party. I would have suggested this for Super Bowl (even though I'm not a football fan). The Buttermilk ranch dressing mix is very important, although you can use any kind of dry ranch mix.

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  1. Mix everything together in a medium sized bowl. Refrigerate for at least two hours.
  2. Serve when ready.
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We had pretty mixed reactions to this dip. My first problem was that the 1/2 cup buttermilk ranch dip mix seemed like way too much. A whole packet of mix is only an 1/8 cup. From past experience (DH sprinkles ranch mix on his popcorn), it's easy to get too much. So instead of the 1/2 cup I chose to use just 1 teaspoon. Even then it was too "ranchy" for DH. DS thought it was too cream cheesy and too lumpy for him, but by the next day he was eating it & enjoying it. I thought the lemon was over-powering and the title suggested some kick to it but it wasn't spicy at all. Although DS ended up eating this dip, the rest of us didn't like it enough to try again. Perhaps the refrigeration time should be longer than 2 hours and I think there may be an error in the ranch mix amount. Thanks for submitting your creation, Chef! Good luck!

**Tinkerbell** March 07, 2010

This was so easy to make and very tasty! I served with baby carrots and quartered the recipe just for me. Good luck!

Sharon123 March 06, 2010

We were a house divided on this recipe to a sml degree. DH loved it when I had it waiting for him after work & served it w/assorted fresh veggies. I liked it too, but felt it would benefit from a cpl of chgs. The dominance of the ranch dip mix tended to mask the roasted garlic flavor & I would increase the roasted garlic to 1/3 cup, perhaps even 1/2 cup since its mellow flavor is subtle in this mixture. I also felt using 1 cup mayo w/1 1/2 cups cream cheese would achieve a better balance of flavors. Even using full-fat cream cheese & mayo, that chg would have the added benefit of reducing the total fat gms of those 2 ingredients by 14%. Using any artificially-flavored or salted duppers (or crackers) would be a mistake IMO as any extra salt is not needed. Made for RSC #15 ~ Thx for sharing your recipe w/us & good luck in the contest. *Edited to Add* ~ I also used 1 pkg of the ranch dip mix, but now feel 1/2 cup of prepared dip was intended & this would chg parts of my comments. :-)

twissis March 06, 2010