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Wow!!! All I can say is WOW!!! This was so delicious. I made it with the red quinoa. It turned out kind of a purple color. It would have been prettier if I had used the regular quinoa instead. It still tasted great. Since somebody had told me that you should roast quinoa before cooking it I did.

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fabricinnovations February 14, 2010

I loved everything about this, the taste, the colour, the nutrition...it looked terrific on a holiday buffet, and the leftovers were perhaps even better the next day.

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Sweet Baboo December 15, 2008

This was very good! I loved the strong lemongrass flavor (I may even add more next time), and the color of this salad is really beautiful. The recipe definitely benefits from a long chilling time; it allows the flavors to develop very nicely. Thanks for sharing this unusual recipe!

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Aunt Cookie November 20, 2007

The other reviewer is right; this is a very creative recipe! This is the most beautifully colored dish I have ever made...very jewel like tones of cranberry red and rich fresh greens. I loved the various flavor accents - the way the tart played with the spicy heat and the minty sweetness - very interesting!!! My husb. described it as a sweet and sour taste, but it was a bit more complex than that. I made this with frozen cranberries (because of the seasonal availability in my local store) but was able to get all the other ingredients fresh. I upped the pepper content just a bit and admit that I stopped paying attention to exact amounts of all the accents as I added them and went more by the color and a few spoon tests. When it was the right contrast of pinkish red and green I stopped, tasted and chilled. I topped it with a few whole berries, but may try nuts as the other reviewer suggested next time. I was quite happy with the result: fresh, light and lovely. This makes a gorgeous looking and special tasting salad.

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free-free May 16, 2007

Great recipe! A very creative use of quinoa. The color is a vivid red, sure to add excitement to the table. Even my husband, not the world's biggest cranberry fan, gave it a thumbs-up. I used frozen cranberries--took them straight from the freezer to the food processor, and that worked great. I sprinkled some chopped, toasted pecans on top, too. Fantastic! I'll definitely make this again!

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Podkayne July 20, 2006
Spicy Quinoa Salad