Spicy Pumpkin & Lentil Soup! (Vegetarian Too!)

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 30 mins

LOVE combination of spices, yes I do, Healthy and delicious, too! EASY to make, GREAT next day, Guess is not much more to say!

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  1. Heat oil in saucepan and ADD onion, cook for 5 minutes until soft.
  2. ADD Mustard, Cumin, Tumeric and Chilli Powder, cook for 30-40 seconds after adding last ingredient.
  3. ADD Stock, Water, Pumpkin and Lentils, cover and bring to a BOIL.
  4. Reduce heat and simmer, partly covered for about 15 minutes until lentils are tender.
  5. Remove from heat and MASH until smooth.
  6. STIR through coriander.
  7. ENJOY!
Most Helpful

5 Stars for great!! It is interesting, and has a little "kick" to it. WIll make again and again!! Thanks for posting!

Healthy Debbie September 01, 2008

Great soup that made good use of some Thanksgiving leftovers. I did add a fresh chopped chile to give it extra kick and thought some cream at the end was needed as a finishing touch. The mustard particularly surprised me in this recipe. I didn't think it would work but it added a nice depth of flavour.

Sackville November 25, 2006

This was a very good soup. I didn't have turmeric on hand so I replaced it with curry. I used a hearty whole grain mustard that added a nice extra flavor to the recipe I wasn't expecting. I had some mini butternut squash hanging around, so I hollowed them out and rubbed them with a bit of olive oil. I popped them in the oven for about 25/30 minutes and served your Pumpkin & Lentil soup in them for an extra special presentation. Will post photos of this recipe as soon as I am able. Thanks again for posting this recipe!

- Carla - January 20, 2005