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Really good Twissis -- I quite like potatoes but DH LOVES them, he was thrilled with this simple but tasty dish, and snaffled all the leftovers for his lunch!!!!<br/><br/>Thank you, very good, made for Consideration tag game

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Karen Elizabeth January 20, 2015

Wow...did we ever love these potatoes!! This is such an easy dish to prepare, but has lots of wonderful flavor. We loved the combination of the spices, bacon, and smoked gouda cheese. To add a little extra flavor, I used some of the bacon grease, instead of the butter, to cook the onions and spices and to brown the potatoes. I made this in a 12" cast iron skillet which gave the potatoes a nice, brown finish. I crumbled the bacon over the potatoes and sprinkled the cheese on top as directed. I popped the pan under the broiler until the cheese was melted...yum!! Thank you for sharing this fabulous recipe...it is definitely a keeper!!
**Made for Football Pool 2012**

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Bayhill December 26, 2012

WOW these certainly pack a flavour that has you yearning for more. I did do a little bit of make ahead and I also peeled my potatoes (Carisma lo gi for dietary reasons but the peeling was because the DM would not eat if I hadn't peeled) and I also made a little bit ahead and had the potatoes and everything ready to go and just allowed a little bit of extra time for the potatoes to brown and heat through which made for a super easy meal. Thank you twissis, made for Adopt A Tag 2012.

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I'mPat January 13, 2012

Yummers! We loved these great potatoes alongside some scrambled eggs for dinner. Easy and tasty for sure. I didn't have as much smoked gouda as I thought, and we were snowed in, so I had to improvise a little. Along with the small amount of gouda, I added a 4-blend cheese mixture which was good too. Next time I will use just the smoked gouda because the smoky flavor was a great complement to the potatoes and the bacon. Thanks twissis for a great keeper. Made for our tie-win for week #15 in the Football pool.

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lazyme January 02, 2009

Why is it that the things we are not supposed to have, are the things we could eat every night!? These are very good and very sinful! This was a wonderful accompaniment to a roast chicken. What a nice mix of flavors. Thanks for posting this one!

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Outta Here June 10, 2007

One look at the ingredients and you know you're going to love it! The flavor is reminiscent of a favorite bar food - fully dressed potato skins. Of course, I tinkered a bit - added some ground cumin as well as the seeds, used ancho chili powder and a little smoked paprika for color and more smokiness. And I took shortcuts - nuked the little potatoes for a few minutes instead of boiling and used bacon I had saved from breakfast. I did need more butter as the onions soaked it all up before I added the spuds. My gouda (which I grated) wasn't smoked but with all the other flavors happening, it wasn't missed. It melted almost as soon as it hit the pan so no cover was required. My total time, apron-tieing to serving, was less than 20 minutes. I served a very simple side of sliced tomatoes and it was a *great* one-pan meal. Mark my word, Jer will ask for this one again, albeit with jalapenos added. ;-) Thanks MP!

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SusieQusie April 12, 2007
Spicy Potatoes W/Smoked Gouda, Bacon & Onions (#9)