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Made for the RSC #15 contest. Overall, very nice flavor. A few notes. The pork to me needs to simmer longer, it was a bit tough for my taste. I made the 2 in 2 halves. One as the recipe states, one with a few changes. I added a jalapeno as well for a bit more heat to mine. I love the spicy chorizo and thought a bit more spice would be nice. Also, just a note, you want to clarify, whether it is Mexican or Spanish. I knew which one, but some don't. I used chicken broth vs vegetable stock because when cooking with pork it is usually what I use. It did need some salt which I automatically added but it is not listed. Creme Fraiche I used, but one note. In your directions you mention to turn up the heat and add the stock and creme fraiche. If you use sour cream, too high of heat can cause it to break. The heat should remain on medium add the stock and then at the end of the cooking after the chops have been put back in the vegetables and simmered a few minutes until the chops warm back up and the vegetables soften, then add the creme fraiche. That is how I did it. I don't like to add any creme product on too high of heat. And last, I used cilantro on 1/2 of the dish with my changes and the parsley on the original recipe. That is just my preference. Both taste good. I served mine with a spicy yellow rice I made with broth, scallions, and seasoning. Overall, very good. Thx for sharing

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SarasotaCook March 06, 2010

Of the 96 recipes submitted for the RSC #15 contest, this recipe is the third one I have decided to try and review. I like spicy foods (including Hispanic foods), so was looking forward to making this dish. In addition, I had never cooked or tasted Chorizos so was looking forward to making this dish. I tried to stick to the ingredients in the recipe, however, did vary it slightly as follows: Used sour cream instead of crème fraichs (vary similar to each other), added a tiny bonnet pepper (along with the a Red Bell Pepper) and placed the basic recipe cooked ingredients on a bed of rice ( Red Beans & Rice Vigo brand, Authentic New Orleans Recipe). The chorizos were spicy hot, the bonnet pepper (very small amount used) which was a touch hot and the Red Bean Rice which was spicy hot as well. All of this added up to heavily spiced and somewhat hot dish, but I liked it very much. I also make sure to taste the corizos and vegetables with the sauce and not with the spicy rice in order to rate this recipe correctly. And I am happy to say that it was 5 stars and rating with the spicy rice for sure made this dish 5 stars as well. Thank you for sharing this recipe with all of us at the RSC #15 contest.

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Skipper/Sy March 06, 2010
Spicy Pork With Chorizo