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These are are nothing short of wonderfully delicious. When I read the recipe to DH I had little hope that he would be willing to try it but I was surprised when he said "I'll try the meat IF you don't put any of those peppers or onions on the stick". I didn't put any veggies "on the stick" but sauted them on the side for myself. He boweled me over with a 5 star rating and I made it two 5's. The kabobs were very tender and had the flavor clear through. I made these for dinner and used 4 pieces per "stick" and while they started out at about an ounce each let me tell you that they shrink quite a bit so plan accordingly. Made for Photo Tag.

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Annacia October 19, 2009

I made this tonight with Garlic Herb: Infused Skewers (#4) - i also added some zuchini, cherry tomatoes, and yellow peppers onto the skewers. I marinaided overnight - I didnt eat the onions (dont like em) but the flavor on the pork was amaizing. I have used italian dressing on steaks and chicken, but never even thought about pork. What leftovers we did have got gobbeled up fast the second i brought them over to DBF's. thanks for the recipe, i think id like to hang on to that marinade for plain old porkchops too!

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Michelle_My_Belle September 23, 2007
Spicy Pork Kabobs