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Because I made this on the spur of the moment last night, I didn't have all the ingredients and so don't feel justified in giving stars, but I would like to report that we certainly enjoyed the meal, and I will make this dish again for sure. I did not have sesame oil, almonds, or water chestnuts, all ingredients which would have been great I bet. In addition, I only had one package of ramen noodles, and no time to partially cook and cool them, so I just crumbled them into the salad. While we were eating, my husband suggested adding some dried fruit, and the addition of dried cranberries was great...a tad unconventional, but we liked it...I bet raisins would have been good too. Based on my success with a distorted version of this recipe, I can highly recommend it, and will certainly make the true recipe myself in the future.

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Sweet Baboo January 14, 2009

Made this for the first time last night (7-30-07) and it was really good. I didn't have the onion and added more garlic, but it turned out great and I will make it again.

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regentlion July 31, 2007
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