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Geema, this fish is just pure heaven!! It just melts in your mouth, with all of these spectacular flavors filling your taste buds!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! The different spices..and the bread crumbs and almonds coating the fish...wow... just spectacular! You almost cant help but scarf it down ..it tastes so good...yet you want to savor every bite...so you dont run out!!! :-) hahaha.... I cut the recipe in half and used two large tilapia fillets. I should have known better than to use the larger fillets......and should have cut them in half before cooking, but I didnt lol.. they turned out beautifully :-) just a little difficult for me to get out of the pan..but that was just a mistake on my part. This fish is magnificent... my bf thought it was amazing as well.. he ate it so fast because it was so good..and wanted more! lol :-) thanks so much geema!!! The only change I had to make was substituting cayenne pepper for the red pepper flakes..because I ran out and forgot to buy more :-( I will be making this fish VERY VERY OFTEN!!! :-)YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY FISH HEAVEN!!!!!!!

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love4culinary June 11, 2003

Thumbs up nice and easy and the taste is excellent!

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Allegro40 April 14, 2011

This recipe deserves a 10!! We loved it!! I used panko and should of read shimmerchk's review, as mine got a little too brown on one side initially. Used chicken stock, no wine in the house, and thin halibut fillets. I also used Lebanese Keifir cheese instead of yogurt. The flavors melded so beautifully! The caloric value as well as fat content, is definitely within the range that we try to stay. I'm going to be making this over and over!! Thanks for posting.

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Ms. Mother Earth October 10, 2009

Delicious! We used Tilapia and panko crumbs for this recipe and the only problem I had was not knowing that panko has a low heat tolerance and I had gotten the pan too hot for the first side. Even though it got a little too brown, we were still quite please with the crispy and nicely spiced filets that we gobbled down this evening. I only wish I marinated this longer than 30 minutes. I love the slight curry flavor and, well, anything with this particular combination of spices was something I knew I would love. My dh wasn't wild about it, but he isn't a big fish lover so I'm giving it 5 stars anyway!

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shimmerchk September 28, 2005

This was delicious! I used thin tilapia fillets and found that 4 minutes on each side over medium heat was perfect. I also substituted sour cream for the yogurt and used fine italian style bread crumbs. We'll be having this again and again!

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Jill Jump July 07, 2005

Geema, this is just fabulous. DH and I loved the flavors and the fish was sooooo moist. We used trevally fillets - not sure if you get these in the US. We will make this again and again. Thank you for posting. As L4C says.....FISH HEAVEN!!!

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Daydream August 16, 2003
Spicy Pan Fried Fish Bombay