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I was shopping from memory and purchased boneless rather than bone-in chicken breasts. Decided to go ahead with my cutlets by reducing the initial cooking to 6 minutes (3 minutes each side). Thrilled with my decision as the sauce surrounding the poultry was simply scrumptious. I was a wee bit worried that there was not enough liquid but after the long simmer, there was plenty of rich tomato sauce that was rich and spicy with just a hint on citrus to make it interesting. The onions, black beans and peppers were perfect and my only lament was the salsa dissolved into the sauce leaving no chunks of tomato. Thinking adding a bit of chopped tomato towards the might remedy that, but this is a minor point and a reflection of my fondness for textures than a flaw in the dish. Thanks!

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justcallmetoni November 11, 2007
Spicy Orange Chicken