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I tinkered with this to make it work in my low fat diet but I think the changes left the wonderful flavors of the original recipe in tact. To begin I used skinless chicken breasts and did not dot them with butter; instead I covered the pan with foil to help seal in the juices. Made the sauce and cooked it as directed including the quick boil at the end. Swapped out the pita and used a low point wrap instead and stuffed it with napa cabbage, oranges and water chestnuts. The sauce was divine and the marmalade offered just the right amount of sweetness to balance out the heat. Served it with summer squash and red peppers and ended up dipping the veggies in the extra sauce. I think red pepper strips would make a great addition to the sandwich. Thanks for an easy and delicious meal.

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justcallmetoni July 24, 2007

This might be great for a picnic, but it was also great inside at the dining room table, where I served it as an elegant, but unusual main course for 4! And since it was in sandwich form, the rest of the meal was suitable as finger food! I'm still not that great with HOT foods, so I cut back a little on the hot sauce & cayenne pepper! For a final adjustment on the recipe, just before sprinkling the breasts with sesame seeds, I REMOVED the skin from the breasts. Final result = raves & great taste! Many thanks!

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Sydney Mike February 26, 2007
Spicy Orange and Sesame Chicken Sandwiches