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Not sure where to begin. WOW. This is comfort food with, hopefully, a low-glycemic index! :) After soaking the beans overnight, I did rinse and drain them before cooking them -- is that okay? It seemed like the thing to do at the time. I used tomato paste because I had some on hand that I had opened a day ago, although I did purchase "tomato puree", which I've never used before. Can someone tell me if "vegetarian beef stock cube" is an oxy-moron?! I used two chicken stock cubes, because after all, I'm not vegetarian! ...Yet, anyway. The spice measurements seemed a little wimpy for me, so I hope it's okay that I used a "tablespoon" where I read "teaspoon." I didn't use any coriander, but may next time. I admit there was a moment when I worried about adding so much spice, but as the chili was close to done and I tasted it I had no regrets! I served it with a dollop of plain yogurt. This is going to help me get through a very tough week ahead. Thanks, Pie Queen! Made for Went To the Market Tag game.

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mersaydees February 25, 2008

OUTSTANDING! I LOVED this unusual tasty bean mix. The lentils turn into a thick pasty sauce. The spice mix is great. I used brown lentils and tomato paste. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to use cumin and coriander or one or the other so used both. I also used Vegeta but didn't add it or the salt until the beans were cooked. I didn't want to risk them staying hard from salt. Freddy Cat says thanks for the bowl full of fiber! Made for the Zaar tag game.

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Engrossed February 05, 2008
Spicy Mixed Bean Chili