Spicy Mexican Rice and Corn With Beans

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Total Time
3 mins
20 mins

I made it up and fell in love!

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  1. In a rice cooker or pot, cook all the rice, beans and corn in water until done.
  2. Add in tomato, cayenne, flakes, paprika, salt and pepper and stir once or twice.
  3. Serve with butter and enjoy!
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I liked this but my husband was not a fan - he thought it was too bland (which is weird, because I thought it was spicy and normally I love the spice and he hates it!). He thinks a jar or so of salsa would go a long way for this one. It is a good base recipe though so I will play around with it!

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I altered this a bit by adding a can of chopped chilies, cooking everything separately then mixing them up, added a can of diced tomatoes & forgot the butter but topped it all w/shredded mjack cheese. We all loved it & ate 2 big bowlfuls each. A winner at my house!!