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Excellent!!!! What else can I say.. We loved the combination of flavours in the meatballs themselves but that Jam is to die for. I did make one change in the jam and that was to add a little bit of chili flakes. It added just a little kick after it, I made these as part of a nibbles, finger food night and boy did they go down well. We had already started on the jam last night with some lamb patties I had made and every single one of us has fallen in love with the jam. I did find I had to cook my jam for way longer, to ge the desired consistency, I found about 1 hour, but the end result was outstanding. The meatballs themselves were packed with so much flavour, they were good to eat just by themselves, but the jam for us, just put the dish over the edge. A cracking recipe Cheers Jan

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The Flying Chef May 23, 2010

I found it delicious, especially the jam of course. I did put salt into the meatballs and pepper into the jam.

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gillyflower 12 February 04, 2015
Spicy meatballs with savoury jam