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These are awesome! And the recipe was flexible enough to succeed even though I fiddled a little based on what was in the cupboard... I used black beans, cashews, and skipped the jalapeno and ground red pepper. In hindsight, I should have upped the chili powder a little to compensate, but I am a bit of a spice wimp... Rather than getting my grater out, I plugged in the food processor and just threw everything in all at once. Worked perfectly! I made them on my indoor grill and they held together very nicely. Once this batch disappears, I'm going to make another to keephandy in the freezer!

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Wish I Could Cook June 04, 2010

This is the first time I've ever made or eaten Veggie Burgers! WOW! I'm hooked! These were every thing I had hoped they would be. I will deninately be making these again. Thank you for posting Prose. Made for Veggie Swap 20, March 2010.

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Kim Petro March 13, 2010

As this was coming together, I said, "no way is this going to work." <br/>Having been vegetarian for over 20 years, I've tried MANY veggie burger recipes, and it just didn't look like anything that was going to form a burger. HOWEVER-I used black beans instead of the lentils, and they wouldn't "mush" up. I tossed the whole mix for a whirl through the food processor, adding a couple of tablespoons of water and voila! My second concern was the seasonings. Curry powder in a burger?? But-the first time I make any recipe, I try to stick to the author's original ingredients...and guess what. They're perfect. This recipe gets 5 stars and is going in my favorites.

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Barb 3663 July 12, 2013

These were great, even though I goofed up. I decided to make extra lentils to use in another recipe, but my Mom called and I accidentally added ALL the lentils. I didn't measure them in the first place, lol, so I have no idea how much I used, but it was a LOT. So, I didn't have enough nuts to make the recipe as written. I added some Italian style breadcrumbs instead. I added extra tomato paste and extra soy sauce. I didn't have carrots (I thought i did) so I threw in a cup of mixed veggies (including carrots) instead. I've never made lentils before and I think I overcooked them because they were mushy, but i saw later in the recipe it said to mush them up, so I figured it was OK. I tasted some of the mixture before I made them into burgers, and didn't like it, but I was pleasantly surprised after they were finished. They turned out really good. I only did up 3 burgers, and as an experiment I put some of the mixture in the no stick frying pan to see if it would simulate ground beef...and it did! I have a ton of the mixture left over, so I'm going to make more burgers, and also do some up as ground beef and freeze it. I want to try it with a box of Hamburger Helper.
I will definitely try this recipe again in the future...and I'll make sure I have the right ingredients next time.
Oh, the dogs were begging the entire time these were cooking, so I gave them some...they LOVED it. Thanks for sharing.

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Kat'sUp May 04, 2011

Very nice veggie burgers. My curry was old so didn't care for that flavor, must get new for next time. Served in a bun with roasted potatoes.

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adopt a greyhound August 04, 2015

Yum! Such a great vegan burger recipe! :) I'm quite the burger person and loved these! Used chilisauce and bbqsauce instead of the ketchup though and smoked paprika instead of the basil for a smokier bbw burger!

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Gabriella B. March 21, 2015

Aside from grating the pepper and onion, this recipe was pretty simple and pain free. The results: AMmmmmmAZING. :) I used black beans, almonds for the nuts... and skipped the parsley. Mm mm mmmm m m m m...!

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teddybearsquare November 27, 2013

These are wonderfully filling. I have made this 2 times, and got 4 decent sized patties rather than 6 - so assuming the proper recipe makes pretty small patties. I don't like green pepper, so upped the amounts of celery and carrots to compensate. Used a mixture of limas, black beans and chickpeas in place of the lentils. Cut back a tad on the hot pepper and didn't use the soy sauce or tomato just didn't feel like pulling anything more out. Very versitle and yummy, thanks.

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PrincessPage August 15, 2011

These turned out really well. Flipping them is essential so they get toasted evenly and hold their shape better. Because I like spice, next time I'm going to add more of the listed spices or add some garlic powder and cayenne, I can imagine being creative with the seasonings for these. Thanks for posting!

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PatrickG March 24, 2010
Spicy, Low-Fat Veggie Burgers (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free