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This recipe is perfect, just the right combination of flavors - I didn't modify a thing. I like it with seafood, and also with raw veggies as a dip. Makes a fine sandwich spread, too, on a pita with grilled veggies.

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EdsGirlAngie December 08, 2003

I paired this sauce with Pan-Fried Calamari Rings "Pan-Fried Calamari Rings" and it was just wonderful. I used only about 3/4 of the amount of lemon juice (freshly squeezed), which was the amount I got out of the one lemon I had on hand. Even though I love garlic, it was a tad overpowering after the sauce sat for a little bit. I think when I make this again, I will cut the garlic down just a little bit since the flavor seemed to intensify. I didn't have any smoked paprika so I used the regular kind and it was good. I didn't notice a strong tomato flavor and, in fact, I thought it could probably use a little more. A little tweaking and this recipe will be a staple. Thank you.

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cortneytreat November 17, 2007

Very good with fishcakes, for instance. Loved the strong lemon and garlic flavors. The color and flavor of the tomato paste made it just a tad too pinky and "ketchupy", and I think some more of paprika would give it just right look and flavor about it. Great stuff, anyhow!

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rosslare October 29, 2006

I used this recipe as a compliment to Yooper's zucchini cakes, and while it was good, I thought that the flavor of the tomato paste was a little too prominent. I liked the bite of the garlic, and the smokey paprika gave it just the right edge.

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canarygirl July 09, 2004
Spicy Lemon and Paprika Aioli