Total Time
Prep 48 hrs
Cook 1 hr

from an exellent site for game food cooking, called Food Down Under. I haven't made this, but love duck and plan to do so in the near future.

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  1. Combine first 9 ingredients in medium bowl; whisk to blend.
  2. Place duck in jumbo resealable plastic bag; pour in soy mixture.
  3. Seal bag; turn to coat duck and refrigerate for 2 days, turning occasionally.
  4. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  5. Drain duck well; discard marinade.
  6. Pat duck dry inside and out with paper towels.
  7. Roast duck 45 minutes back-side up on rack set over baking dish.
  8. Turn, breast-side up, and roast until tender and glazed deep brown, about 15 minutes longer.
  9. Insert long wooden spoon into main cavity of duck and tilt, allowing juices to drain onto baking sheet.
  10. Transfer duck to platter.
  11. Let rest 15 minutes before serving.
Most Helpful

i made this for the second time for chinese new year. besides the 2 days marinating, i poured off the marinade and let it dry out for a day before roasting. the skin doesn't get all that crisp, but the flavor of the meat is outstanding! it's even great cold. we kept picking at the leftovers straight from the fridge til they were gone.

graffeetee February 13, 2008

My three stars come with a caveat: I colored outside the lines a little and decided to cook the duck on the grill. This was a little tricky: the sugar in the marinade has a tendency to burn, and parts of the duck got done a little more than I would have liked. It still came out very good, but it took a little managing. Medium-high indirect heat next time, I think. I like the flavor that's created by the long marinating time, but because it's marinated, you can't do the parboiling step that's used in many whole-duck recipes (for example, Hoisin Barbecued Duck, #116164). Left to its own devices, duck really is too fatty -- hence the parboiling. I would recommend pricking the skin of the duck so that some of the fat can drain, but even so, it comes out a little heavy. If anyone can figure out a way to get the effect of parboiling and still get the marinating, I'd love to know it.

Mary the Disturbed Stick Woman May 03, 2005