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This really is a great recipe! I followed everyones warning, and wore gloves and a bandana over my face. I'm so glad I did! I also added a small container of raspberries to this and slightly less habanero. Its really beautiful in color, and the berries added another layer to the sweet spice combo. Canned it up in 12 4oz jars for gifts and ended up with half of a half pint leftover for myself! I'm enjoying a piece of toast with goat cheese and my RaspBanero jam right now, and its so good. Thanks!

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more snax September 17, 2010

Made this earlier today, came out great, Didn't use any food coloring, the color already looked great. Had some on a piece of toast and it was delicious. I also just uploaded another photo of how mine turned out. This recipe is perfect, It was my first time making jam and it came out nice, texture is like store bought jam and the taste is wonderul. Will be making again as soon as I get through these 9 jars. ( I'll give a few to friends for sure )

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paaco1981 September 27, 2010

Great Recipe, only one thing to remember wear gloves when washing utencils too, My hands are on fire.

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gumba2 September 14, 2009

This stuff is fantastic! I made a batch of both Jalapeno and Habanero jellies. The jalapeno has a fairly mild great flavor and the habanero is also great flavor and hotter than heck. The fumes while blending and cooking the habaneros is no joke. I am still coughing!

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heyubuzzme June 04, 2008

So...even though I was properly warned about the fumes from making these, I didn't get the hint. These fumes are VERY strong. Almost ran me out of the room even with the windows opened. I had to put the collar of my shirt over my nose and mouth! BUT - in the end it was SO worth it! I made jars of this for my Christmas gift baskets and while everyone raved over it, I didn't save a jar for myself so I hadn't tasted it. This weekend I finally got to taste it and this stuff is delicious! My friend didn't have any more cream cheese, so she just spread it on crackers and for me, it was really spicy, but not overly so. Talk about raising endorphin levels! This stuff will make you absolutely giddy. Thanks so much Rita for helping make my gift baskets a big hit!

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Sooz Cooks January 07, 2008

This was not difficult at all expect for the fumes from the peppers. I wore the gloves during the jelly process really glad I did otherwise the jelly making process went very quickly according to the recipe. I made one batch without colouring and one with red colouring really did not see that much of a difference. I added the whole pepper's with seeds also some re hydrated ones that I soaked in vinegar. I will use the jelly for sauces and making my DH's BBQ sauce. I made this Spicy Habanero Jelly as part of a Christmas present to some dear friends who love spicy, sweet & hot!

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oilpatchjo February 21, 2007

Wow! I am a canning virgin no longer!! I cannot believe that this was a success. I halved the recipe because I didn't want to sacrifice all of my husband's peppers in case of an utter failure. I used 8 habenaro peppers with the seeds (yikes) and 1 orange pepper and one yellow. I realize that this was not acurate in halving the recipe but it did work out just fine. I didn't have to use any coloring as the color was a brilliant orange just as it was. I got 7 of those tiny little cute canning jars full and I look forward to giving some out as gifts. We have already sampled one jar and the taste, texture, and smell makes me think that I couldn't have possibly made this myself! Personally, I found it a little too hot even with the cream cheese to soften to heat, however since I made this with my husband's tastes in mind it was sure a treat for him. Thanks for the canning lesson, Rita!

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* Pamela * October 08, 2003

My Dad, brothers, sister-in-law, daughters and friends LOVED the jelly. It is the best "wake-me-up" in the morning! The one jar I saved for myself is empty. My husband is shopping for vinegar so I can make a new batch; this time I will add some raspberries! Thank you for tips!

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gregorydw September 17, 2011

Combined this recipe with another. Used a Red Bell pepper, and a handful of Jalapenos for color. I know it probably seemed like an overkill but it worked out beautifully. Heed the advice of making sure that you are doing this in a well ventilated area and wear gloves. I gassed myself just doing the boil down. The flavor was GREAT, and color was a beautiful beautiful orange. I made 36 half pint jars and had none left by the end of the week before i made another batch of 12 jars. Goes great over cream cheese and is a good marinade if you want to do habanero chicken

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parvo1976 April 01, 2011

So, the Habanero and Jalapeno jellies both set overnight...they look and taste wonderful...first success I have had making the two....thank you for the recipe..

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naylorj October 14, 2010
Spicy Habanero Jelly