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You have excelled yourself with this recipe - to die for, for 3 of us I used 9 lamb loin chops and well all I can say only the bones and a the little fat on them was left. When making the marinade I had a memory spurt from another thread you daisy are northern hemisphere and I sort of gather tomato sauce is different to ours and I used what you would consider ketchup and maybe what I should have used was what consider a pasta sauce but anyway it was absolutely delicious cooked on an indoor grill on the stove top for about 5 to 6 minutes to each side and depending on what part of grill and thickness we ended up with well done for those that liked and pink on the inside for the others. Thank you for a great recipe daisygrl64, made for Edition 9 - Make My Recipe.

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I'mPat October 07, 2009

Delicious!!I too, am from the northern hemisphere and when it says sauce, it means sauce and not ketchup. I had some of the mix left over and used it a few days later in a lamb stew. Excellent.

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gillyflower 12 February 15, 2015
Spicy Grilled Lamb Chops