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Thoughts on this cookie after making them: the dough was all crumbs after I mixed it until I took a handful at a time and kneaded it together into a ball. It was rather dry and stiff, it might need another egg. After chilling it was very stiff and hard to work. I used a tablespoon sized cookie scoop to scoop out the dough, then rolled it between my hands to warm it to get it soft. After it was a smooth ball I flattened it between my hands. They cooked for 12 min at 400 degrees. They looked like molasses crinkles, cracked on the top. They did spread, I had about 15 to a sheet. The yield was 80 cookies or 6.5 dozen.

Next time I might use melted butter and not chill the dough. Apparently they are supposed to be rolled out thin and cut like gingerbread men, but with the way this recipe is, that wasn't going to happen. Hand rolling them was the only way I cold do it. Oh, and while the dough was a bit spicy, the end cookie was more mellow in taste.

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Lovellama February 11, 2011
Spicy Gingersnaps - Piparkokur