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This recipe sounds a lot like an adaptation of Bon Appetit's recipe that was published in September 2001 for their ethnic restaurant issu.e I have tried this recipe before and I had to make A LOT of changes to it. It wasn't spicy enough for me and so I added fresh ground hot chiles, some roasted ground cumin, and I doubled the amount of Cajun seasoning. I also added about 3 ounces of tomato paste to it. The overall result was pretty tasty. I don't know how authentically Ethiopian it is, but it tasted good.

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Savita March 10, 2003

I made this twice - I've never had any Ethiopian anything, and this was slightly exotic for me. I did as suggested and had 1 or 2 pitas with each dish. (Each recipe lasted me for 2 dinners.) It was interesting to cook and not very difficult. It tasted pretty good, but I wouldn't say it was awesome. I must say that it's "spicy" as in "seasoned," not "hot"; but its still pretty flavorful. I made it exactly as written, but I found the cooking time to be a little less than needed for the chicken. So for step 4 I bumped up the cooking time from 4 minutes to 5. And for steps 11 and 13, I bumped the times up from 7 minutes to 8, for each step. I can recommend this recipe, at least for something that's pretty different and fairly tasty.

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spooty3 December 15, 2009

my husband thought this was the best ethiopian chicken recipe ive made him so far! we love cardamom so that was an awesome ingredient to find in it! I served this with Injera bread#140763

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breezee1984 June 01, 2008
Spicy Ethiopian Chicken