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After ages I decided that today the first thing I eat will be these parathas. So, I stayed humgry all morning, lol, and after getting home from my driving class at 1pm, I made these. I've just finished enjoying 2 of these nice parathas. Now for a few things: 1. For the dough, I used 1/3+1/4 cup water and for cooking the yellow moong dal, I used plenty of water(sorry didn't measure- but I guess, it was about 2.5 cups). I found the parathas to be nice, except that I would like them to be a little spicy. So, next time, I'll be adding a green chilli or two and maybe a little more of red chilli powder. Also, I plan to add some mango powder(amchur) just for a twist to the taste buds;) Now for the step number 11. That particular step didn't work out. So, instead of really making what we'd call "parathas", I ended up making these like little pockets. To put it in more simple words, after step 10, I moved on to step 12. When I tried to do step 11, the lentil mixture came out of the paratha(from the underside- sort of tore it apart) and made a total mess. That's why I had to move on from step 10 to step 12. But no regrets, these look so cute; they look like a nice appetiser! These will make a nice snack for school kids, IMHO:) I had these with yogurt. Next time, I'll try 'em with pickle:) Thanks for sharing the recipe, Anu!

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Charishma_Ramchandani April 06, 2003
Spicy Dal Parathas (Indian Lentil-Stuffed Tortillas)