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This was a pleasure for tonights dinner. It's solid and satisfying while being very light in fats. And I just noticed as I write this that I totally forgot the peas and tomatoes. I think that they would have been a great addition, LOL. Well, having admitted what an idiot I am, all I can say is that the lentils, rice and seasonings where yummy by themselves and quite filling.

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Annacia June 04, 2010

This was fabulous!!!! I loved it! Yes I didn`t make as directed but I`m sure it would have been just as good when following the recipe. I used brown rice adding it to 3 1/2 cups water for 20 minutes before adding red lentils (I really thought I had brown lentils which would be just as grand as what I enjoyed)and then cooked for 20 more minutes. I used Crosse & Blackwell hot mango chutney, which was very good and the cilantro is a must! Thank you for the healthy wonderful eats!

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Rita~ October 13, 2010

Great dish! We loved the combination of flavors and textures in this. I used homemade mango chutney. Very filling. Thanks for sharing! Veg*n Swap 26

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Starrynews September 19, 2010

Great one pot meal! I made this tonight using brown rice and green lentils. I should have added about 1/4 cup more water/broth than called for, but it all worked out in the end. I was going to comment that it could use some more curry powder, but just realized that I misread the measure and only used 1 tsp of curry powder instead of a tablespoon...oops - I did end up adding some more in the end. Definitely, ues a tbsp!! If you have the choice, I think fresh tomatoes are much better in this. Great combo, and as Annacia said, it's really filling.

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magpie diner September 07, 2010

Wow this was really good! I used more canola oil as my pan needed it, I added a little cayenne instead of the small hot pepper, used green lentils which I did not presoak and they were OK, used white Basmati rice adding it a little after I fried the onions and lentils together since my rice cooks so fast, I used water, Iraqi Curry Powder, sea salt which I added to the rice & lentils on cooking as I didn't notice it was to be added after. I added a bit more on the dish upon serving to salt the fresh tomatoes, I used defrosted sweet baby peas, plus the cilantro. I served it with a chutney & Indian Cucumber Raita for a good filling vegetarian meal. Made for Veggie Swap 32 ~ March 2011.

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UmmBinat March 12, 2011

This was so good! I followed the recipe as is, adding extra ginger and I did use the whole jalapeƱo pepper. I was worried a whole pepper would be too hot but it was perfect. The second time I had it I added the cilantro and chopped fresh tomatoes when I served it. Wow! It was awesome.

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gcharron1 January 05, 2011

This was delicious. I used vegetable broth instead of water and red pepper flakes in place of the pepper because I didn't have one. I also used a bit more oil than the recipe called for because it seemed to need it. I served it with a lime wedge and sprinkled with Trader Joe's Sweet Chili Sauce.

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GrandmaKitty February 23, 2016

I felt the need to tweak this as it was too dry and somewhat bland. I followed the recipe then added some V8 juice to make it moister and add some flavor. I wished I would have added a whole can of diced tomatoes & juices instead of diced fresh tomatoes. I used a serrano pepper, tossed in some frozen corn kernals which added a nice texture & pop of color. I strongly suggests using cilantro, it adds a lot to this dish. It was very tasty the next day. I think because others topped it with a chutney, that was an added bonus to this recipe.

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Chicagoland Chef du Jour February 06, 2011
Spicy Curried Lentils and Rice