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Terrific! We had to cook it longer in the slow cooker, but I think that was because we didn't properly blend in the lentils to begin with. My husband would replace the zucchini, but that's personal preference. Excellent!

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Allison Landa December 26, 2009

This was delicious and very hearty for a meatless stew. It was not as spicy or as flavorful as I expected, however on the same note it could easily be served to folks who aren't fond of heavily spiced food (even kids, if you can overcome the aversion to vegetables). I enjoyed mine with extra cilantro and crushed dried chili pepper. I was not sure when to add the cashew since it did not specify, so I used them as a garnish. Made for Incredible India Tag. Thank you!

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Oenophilly February 27, 2009

Absolutely delicious! My wife made it with Madras curry powder (hotter than most curries) and two jalapeƱos including seeds. Quite spicy but perfect for us. We added the cashews just before serving. I joined food.com just so I could give this recipe five stars. Yum!!!

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drewvan July 24, 2011
Spicy Curried Lentil Stew With Cashew Nuts