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This was wonderful! The cucumbers were spicy and crunchy... a perfect accompainament to Grilled Asian Style Flank Steak, Soba Noodles, and Asian Slaw. Next time, I may possibly make these up a couple of hours early to allow the flavors to marinate. Very good stuff!!

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s'kat February 10, 2002

This is a very good salad, with beautiful bright colors that looks very elegant on the plate. Easy to prepare, with clear instructions. I liked that the cucumbers stayed nice & crispy. Thanks for sharing this tasty salad.

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HeatherFeather May 03, 2003

This got mixed reviews at our house, but since I liked it I went with the higher rating and gave it 4 starts. I found the recipe to have a nice mild flavor that complemented our dinner with Thai Chicken Cakes With Sweet Chilli Sauce, Low G.i. Spicy Thai Vegetable Rice With Cilantro, and a green salad. I ended up putting mine on top of my salad and using it as a dressing. I really enjoyed it. My husband though it was a little too bland. I did only use 1 jalapeno because I was uncertain of the heat. I think it could have used a second and if I make it again I will keep that in mind. Using Zurie's suggestion, I prepared my cucumbers with a potato peeler. While it was a little work, the thin slices were beautiful.

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Erindipity July 02, 2008

I made this salad tonight with no changes to the recipe. It was for my husband and me only, so I didn't use as much cucumber, but made the dressing as above and just didn't use all of it. I sliced my cucumber into long thin slices with a potato peeler, salted them lightly with a herbed sea salt, and left them to drain for a few hours. Then proceeded with the recipe, thinking that maybe the dressing would be too sour. But I didn't change a thing, and boy, it was perfect!! Thanks, Bergy, it went beautifully with crispy prawns and Evelyn's baked onions. The dressing magically was not sour at all ... My husband says definitely 5 stars, and I agree!!

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Zurie October 30, 2005

These are right up our alley!!! Spicy and good! I followed the recipe...exactly! They went great with our fish dinner tonight!! Thank you!!

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katie in the UP September 15, 2005

I made half the recipe and used a serrano pepper instead of jalapeno. Very unique taste. I thought it a little salty though. Mama

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) September 13, 2005

What an exquisite tasting salad!!! I wanted an alternative to the usual sour cream cucumber salad, so I tried this recipe. The jalapeno peppers nicely warmed up the superb dressing. I even added chopped peanuts. Overall it's a 5+++ Thanks Bergy

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LucyGoosie July 22, 2005
Spicy Cucumber Salad