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I doubled this recipe and made a few little changes. I used whole wheat pastry flour, and then increased the baking powder by just a dash. I used butter, as I do not use shortening or margarine for anything in order to avoid hydrogenated oil. I also used dark brown sugar to give a slighly richer flavor. Finally, I did not use a blender, and mixed everything in a bowl instead. This recipe is definitely a keeper. My family liked these and so did a group of ladies I had over.

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fulltime_mom April 23, 2009

This recipe made 10 muffins for me. These taste like fall and are super amazing when warm. I did add a few tablespoons of butter to the recipe for some added richness. I did not use a blender, but mixed by hand. Your raisins will not sink to the bottom if you coat them in flour, shake off the excess in a colander or sieve, and then add them into the final batter.

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996635 October 20, 2008

Woah! These guys rose sky-high! I used canola oil instead of the melted shortening and skipped mixing this in a blender and just mixed everything together by hand. Overall these turned out well. I gound them a tad dry and I thought they had a bit of a baking powdery flavor. The raisins settled at the bottoms, which wasn't really problematic, but I just thought I'd mention it. I was kind of surprised that, although these smelled wonderfully cinnamony when they came out of the oven, but after they cooled, it wasn't very strong. Quite subtle in fact. I got 7 muffins, but I see how you could get 8. Pretty good, though! Thanks Ocean~Ivy!!

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Roosie December 22, 2004
Spicy Cinnamon Raisin Muffins