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(TRIED IT!!! I added 1 individual packet of Spenda to the mole as it was cooking. This is a personal preference. I would suggest that you use minced garlic instead of chopped. The minced garlic infuses quickly.The ground allspice is hot enough for me. Add hot sauce if you prefer but Cayenne pepper might be a better choice.) 1-11-09 This is chicken wings with a spicy chocolate mole sauce. The allspice with the chili powder and hot pepper sauce will make them very spicy. This recipe is a combination of 3 published recipes for sauces. I will prepare without the hot pepper sauce. It will be spicy enough. This is for mole sauce lovers! Can't wait to try it!

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Montana Heart Song January 15, 2009

I reduced this to a 1/4 recipe, using 3 wings, for my DH. He loves mole, which this reminded us of, and was interested to try it. I used unsweetened baking chocolate, subbed a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves for the allspice, and I used Valentina Extra Hot sauce (about 2-3 times as much as called for, as DH loves spicy food). He LOVED these! They were dark and rich and smokey, but despite the extra hot sauce they were still not too terribly spicy. I think next time I might add some cayenne or ground chipotle to the spice mix to pep it up a little more. Thanks very much for posting, Boomette!

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Halcyon Eve January 14, 2009

We tried this tonite. Thought it would be more like a mexican mole sauce. This was very odd tasting. I ended up wiping off the sauce because everyone thought it tasted awful!

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suzanne930 January 10, 2009
Spicy Chocolate Wings